This August, The Alchemist And Roc Marciano Will Release The Album “The Elephant Man’s Bones”

Even though August hasn’t even started yet, it’s already looking like a terrific month for fans of hip-hop. The producer The Alchemist and New York rapper Roc Marciano collaborated on 14 tracks for their most recent project, which will be released next month, according to a tweet they made earlier Friday (July 29).

The Elephant Man’s Bones is the name of the undertaking, which will be released on August 26. Alc also revealed the cover image and the tracklist in addition to the news and the release date.

Fans will be pleased to learn that Action Bronson, Boldy James, Knowledge The Pirate, and Ice-T will be contributing to songs like “Daddy Kane,” “Trillion Cut,” “The Horns of Abraxas,” and “Zip Guns,” and they will be even happier to learn that The Alchemist is very optimistic about his impending arrival.

“I think this is the best shit we ever did,” he wrote in his tweet after having shared the thrilling news. “Can’t wait for you to hear it.” This isn’t the first time Roc and Alc have collaborated on a substantial project. They collaborated with Oh No, the partner of Al Gangarene and the brother of Madlib, on the Greneberg EP more than ten years ago.

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