Timaya Makes Grand Re-entry; Releases Sizzling Beast-Mode New Track ‘Tomato’

After an unofficial hiatus from the music scene, Timaya, the renowned Nigerian music sensation, has made a grand re-entry with his latest single, “Tomato,” released through his prestigious Dem Mama Records. This new track is a testament to Timaya’s exceptional artistic abilities, with its captivating lyrics and masterful instrumentation that showcase his unique storytelling prowess. “Tomato” promises to be a massive hit that will leave listeners spellbound and yearning for more. It’s a finely crafted piece highlighting Timaya’s creative and innovative skills, making him a force to reckon with in the music industry. The song’s message is relatable, and its upbeat rhythm and melody will surely get everyone grooving.

Timaya Makes Grand Re-Entry; Releases Sizzling Beast-Mode New Track 'Tomato', Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

The allure of the track beckons one to surrender to the rhythm and revel in a carefree attitude on the dance floor. Timaya’s abundant charisma and exuberant energy amplify these captivating traits. Timaya weaves irresistible beats and melodies as the music unfolds, transporting listeners into a realm of pure auditory bliss from the very outset. His unique blend of Afro rhythms and modern elements produces a harmonious symphony that seamlessly unites the past and present.

For almost two decades now, Timaya has become a prominent figure in the Nigerian and broader African music scenes. He has amassed a considerable fan base, exceeding an impressive 10 million followers and subscribers on major digital and social media platforms, thanks to his consistent release of hit songs since he first broke into the music industry in 2007 with his debut album, True Story. This album introduced him to the music landscape and produced unforgettable tracks such as “Dem Mama” and “Ogologoma”. Timaya’s “Cold Outside” with Bnxn has 36M+ Spotify plays, showcasing his growth as a digital artist. He’s collaborated with icons like Sean Paul and Morgan Heritage and earned a Grammy nomination.

Timaya Makes Grand Re-Entry; Releases Sizzling Beast-Mode New Track 'Tomato', Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Timaya has been a prominent figure in the Nigerian and international music industry since the beginning of his career. He has left an indelible mark as a solo artist and through his collaborations. He recently released “Tomato” and promises more musical treasures in the future. Timaya’s ability to deliver authentic and captivating sounds from Nigeria solidifies his position as a pivotal figure on the global stage.

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