Travis Scott Makes Compelling Reason For Wanting Dismissal From Astroworld Festival Lawsuit

Travis Scott collaborated with Future, Metro Boomin, and Playboi Carti on one of the most talked-about albums of 2024 to create one of the biggest rap songs of the year, titled “TYPE SH*T.” However, this week, he is facing a significant legal issue. A tragedy occurred in 2021 during the Astroworld Festival in Houston. While Scott was performing, the crowd moved towards the stage, resulting in several fatalities due to overcrowding. Ten people died as a result of the chaos. After a thorough investigation into the incident, a grand jury decided not to press charges against Scott or anyone else involved in the tragedy.

After the music festival tragedy a few months ago, hundreds of lawsuits were filed, almost all naming Scott as a defendant. However, Scott attempts to distance himself from the proceedings in a recently filed motion. It is worth noting that this removal request came just a few days after some concerning news about the tragedy was leaked via court documents. According to these documents, one of the heads of security at the festival had expressed concerns about overcrowding before the tragedy. In Scott’s dismissal request, it was explicitly mentioned that adjustments were made beforehand to alleviate problems. However, these adjustments were not sufficient to prevent the tragedy. It remains to be seen how the courts will respond to Scott’s request for removal and whether the lawsuits will proceed against him and the other defendants.

The motion his lawyers filed reads,

“Like any other adrenaline-inducing diversion, music festivals must balance exhilaration with safety and security—but that balance is not the job of performing artists, even those involved in promoting and marketing performances. Which only makes sense: Performing artists, even those who engage in certain promotional activities, have no inherent expertise or specialized knowledge in concert safety measures, venue security protocols, or site-design,”

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