Tyla Cancels Her Global Tour On Account Of Her Health

Tyla Seethal, the South African Grammy-winning singer, has announced that she will not be performing at any festivals or on any international tours due to an injury. The singer broke the news on Instagram and thanked her followers, whom she lovingly refers to as “Tygers.”

Even though Tyla was compelled to postpone her much-anticipated Coachella debut, she was able to reschedule the tour’s UK and European legs, which included stops in Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, and London. For the North American tour, ticket holders will automatically receive a refund; ticket providers for other areas will provide instructions.

The singer, 22, recently achieved a historic victory at the Grammy Awards last month. She was honored for “Water” in the Best African Music Performance category, making her the youngest South African to win the prize in history.

Tyla disclosed in a touching message that she has been dealing with a concealed injury for the previous 12 months. The discomfort has gotten worse despite seeing doctors, and going on the tour would be dangerous for her long-term health. Tyla promises her followers a “spectacular show” once she recovers, despite being disappointed by the setback at such an important juncture in her career.

On March 22, fans can also anticipate the release of her highly anticipated self-titled debut album, which includes classics like “Water” and “Truth or Dare.”

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