Wizkid Issues Official Statement Regarding Absence From Ghana Performance

Grammy Award-winning music star, Wizkid has issued an official statement explaining why he skipped his concert in Ghana.

On December 10, the singer was scheduled to perform at the Ghana stadium as part of his Wizkid Live concert. However, he did not show up for the performance, which has generated a lot of online outrage. Fans reportedly waited until 5 a.m. to see the star, who had arrived in the nation the day before and appeared at a show the previous day, according to eyewitness accounts on Twitter.

Several hours after the incident, the singer spoke up to finally explain why he missed the performance. Big Wiz first expressed his regret to the audience in the statement before explaining his absence in the now-deleted post by citing security and technical concerns.

Wizkid Issues Official Statement Regarding Absence From Ghana Performance, Yours Truly, News, November 30, 2023

Live Hub, the event’s organizer, has apologized to the fans, claiming that Wizkid was the one who broke the terms of the contract. Additionally, the show’s organizer confirmed that the full amount paid for the tickets would be repaid. Days later, Wizkid also missed another show in Abidjan while he showed up for his Cotonou concert.

Relating to African shows and Wizkid, the singer recently announced that he will doing his very last show in Lagos, Nigeria with his Vibes On the Beach concert coming up later this month.

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