Kid Cudi Warns Fanbase About Impersonator Scammer On The Prowl

Attention, Kid Cudi fans! Unfortunately, there’s a scammer out there posing as an acclaimed artist on social media and trying to trick fans into giving out their credit card information. As a result, Kid Cudi has issued a stern warning to his followers to be careful and avoid falling victim to this fraudulent scam. The message read,

“Heyyyy rager, this is kid cudi on my secret account!! I need your credit card information to continue my pursuit of happiness. This is really me, Scott mescudi. Proof (followed by a picture of Kid Cudi).”

It is common for celebrities to have several social media accounts, which often leads to impersonation. Recently, Cudi took to his official X account to clarify certain matters related to such accounts.


Although the scam was determined to be fake, it remains a serious matter that requires attention and careful consideration. Online interactions, particularly on social media platforms, can be risky due to the prevalence of impersonation and fraud. Nonetheless, Kid Cudi’s prompt response demonstrates his commitment to safeguarding his fanbase from exploitation. As fans eagerly anticipate updates and engagement from their favourite artists, Cudi emphasizes the importance of being vigilant and discerning. His proactive approach also underscores the need for fans to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of online communications, particularly when personal information is involved. While it is unfortunate that scams targeting celebrities and their followers are common, it highlights the importance of recognizing their existence. Fans need to remind themselves to stay alert, given their frequency. Kid Cudi’s message serves as a cautionary reminder after another troubling incident involving a prominent figure in the music industry. In a different incident, Metro Boomin, another celebrity, shared details of mysterious phone calls he received leading up to the release of his album. He posted a tweet with a picture of the back-to-back calls.

“It all started 2 days before the album dropped and all these 416 numbers would call me back 2 back a million times. Got so bad I had to keep my phone on airplane mode,”

It was immediately apparent to fans that the phone numbers used in the incidents came from the 416 area code, which is synonymous with Drake’s hometown of Toronto. This raises serious questions about the potential connection between these incidents and adds a significant layer of complexity to the situation. Furthermore, Metro has shared screenshots that clearly demonstrate the hacker’s attempt to order expensive luxury items by impersonating Metro. This serves as a stark reminder that scams and hacks can happen to anyone, and it’s essential to exercise caution and meticulously verify all interactions these days. The posts have been removed from social media, though.

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