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Ilebaye Basic Information

Stage Name: Gen Z Baddie/ Baye
Real Name: Ilebaye Precious Odiniya
Occupation: Social Media Personality, Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur, Model and Actress.
Date Of Birth/Age: 2001 (23 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Olamaboro, Kogi State
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
  • Federal Government Girls College, Kabba
  • Salem University in Lokoja
Height: 5Ft 3In
Net Worth: $30K

Ilebaye Biography

Ilebaye, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

Ilebaye Precious Odiniya is a young Nigerian entrepreneur, actress, model, and reality TV star. She was born in 2001 to Hon and Mrs Odiniya, from the Igala tribe in Kogi State. The exact date of her birth is largely unknown, though her birthplace is Olamaboro, located in the Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi. Ilebaye attended the Federal Government Girls College in Kabba before moving to Salem University in Lokoja, Kogi State, where she earned her BSc in Criminology and Security Studies. She is the CEO of O.I. Clothing.



Ilebaye, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

Born in 2001, she is the daughter of Hon and Mrs Odiniya, from the Igala tribe in Kogi State, Nigeria. Her father once worked as a teacher of physical health education (PHE) at the Government Secondary School in Alloma, Ofu, Kogi State, Nigeria. He is believed to be a politician now. Details about her family are not readily known or shared with the media.


There’s no detailed information about her siblings


She doesn’t have any children.


Ilebaye, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

After attending a private secondary school, she attended the renowned Federal Government Girls’ College in Kabba for her elementary education. After completing her SSCE, she studied Criminology and Security Studies at Salem University. Her degree set the foundation for her career in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Her story is one of resilience, passion, and the unwavering pursuit of greatness in the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian entertainment. From her early beginnings in acting, she has made her way to the All-Stars edition, showing her determination to succeed. Ilebaye is a talented actress, model and entrepreneur, managing her business while participating in the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, competing for the grand prize of 120 million Naira.

Ilebaye, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

Ilebaye’s natural aptitude for the performing arts shone through at an early age, captivating audiences with her exceptional performances in Wale Adenuga’s productions. She honed her acting abilities from a young age, starring in highly acclaimed TV shows like “Papa Ajasco,” “Super Story,” and “Nnenna and Friends” while still in JSS1. Her talent left a lasting impression on all who witnessed her remarkable performances.

Her fashion brand, O.I Clothing, specializes in creating stylish two-piece outfits for women. Their tagline is “Transforming bits and pieces into perfection.” Apart from her acting skills, she also models and is keenly interested in enhancing her talents. She won the “Finest Girl Democracy Nigeria” beauty pageant in 2021, showcasing her multi-faceted and multi-talented persona. She is determined to channel all her energy towards winning the 2023 Big Brother Nigeria All-Stars edition challenge after failing to win the 2022 “Level Up” edition.


There is currently no information available about Ilebaye’s dating life. She is now focused on winning the Big Brother Naija season seven competition.

Net Worth

According to reports, her net worth is estimated at $30,000.


She owns and drives a car, but the details about the car are unknown.


Reports indicate that Ilebaye lived in Abuja before joining the Big Brother house.

Big Brother Naija

Ilebaye, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

Ilebaye had a short-lived stint in BBNaija Season 7 as she became the third housemate to be evicted in the second live eviction show. During her time in the house, a heated altercation erupted between Ilebaye’s close friend, Groovy, and another housemate, Beauty, who happened to be an ex-Miss Nigeria. Beauty’s anger was triggered after seeing her love interest, Groovy, dancing with Level 1 housemate, Chomzy, at the Saturday party. As tensions rose, Ilebaye tried to intervene and address the situation with Beauty. However, Beauty confronted Ilebaye directly, although she made it clear that she wouldn’t resort to physical aggression.

Big Brother intervened and invited both Beauty and Ilebaye for a discussion following their altercation. As a result, Beauty received a strike as a disciplinary measure for her actions, while Ilebaye was issued a stern warning by Big Brother. Although her journey in BBNaija Season 7 may have ended prematurely due to her eviction, Ilebaye’s impact and memorable moments in the house left a lasting impression on viewers and fans. Despite the setback, Ilebaye’s resilience and passion for acting continue to shine, and her presence in the BBNaija All-Stars house served as a testament to her strength and determination.

Ilebaye, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

In the current Season 8 All-Stars, Ilebaye has made a comeback and is creating waves with her intriguing dynamics and interactions with other housemates. One noteworthy aspect of her strategy is her tendency to form close bonds with male housemates, drawing both attention and criticism from her fellow contestants.

Housemates and viewers were surprised when they saw Ilebaye trying to sleep on Kiddwaya’s and Neo’s beds the same night. This raised eyebrows and led to speculation about her intentions. While in the house, Ilebaye openly expressed her affection towards Whitemoney, but Whitemoney politely declined her proposal, leaving her feelings unreciprocated. Her relationships with other housemates have drawn mixed reactions. Venita, in particular, criticized Ilebaye’s approach to forming connections, describing her as “a toddler in a China shop” and implying that she lacked finesse and sensitivity.

Ilebaye, Yours Truly, People, May 26, 2024

During the All-Stars edition of the show, Doyin advised Ilebaye to have some “self-respect” due to concerns about her actions and choices in the house. As the drama and dynamics unfold, Ilebaye’s strategies and interpersonal interactions, which have seen her engage in outbursts and confrontations with other housemates, keep viewers engaged and speculate about her motives. Her presence in the house adds intrigue and depth to the relationships among the housemates, making her a noteworthy and captivating figure in the ongoing season, even though she has received strikes already. As the All Stars edition progresses, Ilebaye’s approach to relationships and strategy will undoubtedly remain a subject of discussion and analysis, further adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the show.

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