Ilebaye Alleges People Who Previously Refused Helping Her Are Now Contacting Her

Ilebaye Odiniya, also known as Baye, the victor of BBNaija All Stars, spoke candidly about her encounters with those who had previously refused to aid her and the unexpected change in their behavior after she won the reality competition in an interview with media personality Hero Daniels.

The 22-year-old model gave an incredibly intimate story of how a pretend friend had forcibly removed her from her house at midnight after she declined to participate in an unsettling proposition. Baye was evicted as a result of her refusal to allow her friend to take advantage of her by setting up a meeting with a male.

Following her victory in BBNaija All Stars, Baye experienced a full turnaround in her relationships with the people who had previously rejected her. Many people have been calling and texting her in an effort to reconnect with her recent achievement.

Despite the significant spike in attention from these people, Baye admitted she hasn’t had the time or desire to interact with them. This change in her life has caused her to think about how superficially society regards its members, who are frequently judged only on the basis of their financial situation.

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