Christiane Dehmer “Together” EP Review

Making her debut here, Christiane Dehmer is ready to take on the world. The German singer and Piano whiz closed September out with the release of her EO, “Together” to digital platforms. One thing to know about her music is that it is solely driven by the piano, on which she splashes her distinct vocals.

Christiane had initially released the EP exclusively on her official website. She described the body of work as songs that bring “an aspect of connection which you can live together with others.” The singer describes herself as “a passionate and enthusiastic pianist.” Christians also “studied piano improvisation and accompaniment, jazz piano, jazz/pop composition, music theory, singing, and music production.” She writes her music, plays, sings, and produces them alone.


Christiane Dehmer &Quot;Together&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024
Christiane Dehmer &Ldquo;Together&Rdquo; Ep Artwork

If there is anything called hopeful photos, Christiane’s cover photo for “Together” would be one. The EP’s cover photo features a shot of the singer staring peacefully at something. She looks encouragingly happy and somewhat hopeful that her music is doing the therapy it should. Her smile is heartwarming, and her hair signifies a sort of peace and freedom that comes when you’ve made really inspiring music.


Christiane Dehmer rides solo on all the tracks on the album. She proves that she can do it; you know? write, sing, play, and produce. She did it all by herself. Of course, if anyone could pull it off effectively, it’s her. And she did.

Like many projects, the “Together EP” was driven by a few single releases. In 2021, Christiane released the songs “No Matter” and “I Am Here.” The latter wears the crown for the most popular song on the album. The talented singer revealed that the album “was born out of a feeling of separation between friends.” She further shared on her website that the entire idea for the song came during the Coronavirus pandemic.

She was saddened because she couldn’t care properly for her sick friends. But of course, she couldn’t be at different places at the same time. So, “I Am Here” was made to assure her friends that she cared even though she wasn’t there with them. “No Matter” continued the story of standing by each other. However, she stresses that it is most needed in times of crisis, “when serious worries can scare and paralyze.” It is also the primary motivational song on the project. It might just be the inspiration you need to push through walls that hinder you.

Christiane Dehmer &Quot;Together&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024
Christiane Dehmer &Ldquo;No Matter&Rdquo;


Production & Vocal Delivery

Germany’s new queen of inspiration, Christiane Dehmer, pours her heart, soul, and skill into the “Together” EP. She handled the album’s entire production all by herself. She also delivered the vocals to match her laudable production.


Christiane Dehmer has been around for a while. However, her latest EP seems to be a heartfelt message from her to the world. Christiane’s soothing vocals are both striking and peaceful. The album reflects all of what is missing in the world; hope and motivation. She sings the words that everyone wishes they could hear every day. That’s the idea of the project. If we could all stand together, there is undoubtedly no mountain we wouldn’t scale. Congrats to Christiane on this release.

Find more information on the singer and the EP here.

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