Dirty Heads “Midnight Control” Album Review

Midnight Control

Dirty Heads

    • Genre: Alternative
    • Date: 26 Aug, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2022 Better Noise Music

We think the world stopped last weekend when Dirty Heads released their 8th studio album “Midnight Control.” The band has gained so much attention since the massive success of their viral hit song “Vacation.” It has been an upward include for the raggae-influenced Hip Hop stars.

The band dropped the album alongside a new single titled “Make Me” and its official music video. You can call that a triple blessing. Fans have shown them love all over social media. Vocalist Jared Watson called the album “the culmination of almost twenty years of musical exploration, creativity, and our love for creating original, impactful art and music.”

He also called it “the best album we’ve ever written, and I think that’s due to the fact we have been through so much, done so much, and are comfortable as songwriters, producers, players, and human beings. And knowing who we want to work with to get what Sonics. We are so connected and on the same frequency with Ryan Ogren that it was just magic the whole time.”

He also shared the band’s plans to keep making good music. In his words, the new album is what that’s about. “We just wanna continue to make dope shit and push music forward, and midnight control is exactly that.”


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Dirty Heads “Midnight Control” Artwork

We don’t know exactly what to make of the new Dirty Heads album artwork for “Midnight Control.” The cover was inspired by the night. The symbols of the moon and the stars in the design prove this. It also features the drawing of a hand holding a rose and a skull above the moon. It makes us wonder about having mysterious control of the night.


In our opinion, Dirty Heads is such an incredible band that they don’t need guest features on their projects. The band delivered nine tracks on the album by themselves except track 2, “Heavy Water,” on which they featured Common Kings, a cross-cultural Pop/Rock band that’s also heavily influenced by Soul and Reggae.  Listening to songs on the album, it always feels like they featured each other.

Popular Tracks

Dirty Heads’ “Midnight Control” is so interesting because most of the songs on the album stand out. It contains so many stand-out tracks that have become popular among fans. In July, they released the songs “Heavy Water” featuring Common Kings and “Life’s Been Good.” Both songs have been well-received by the fans. The latter has gained more streams. “Make Me” was released as a single when the album dropped. An official music video was released to promote it. The album’s opener, “Island Glow,” also stands out from the rest, a sure hit.


1 Island Glow 3:37
2 Heavy Water (feat. Common Kings) 3:20
3 Life’s Been Good 3:13
4 Make Me 3:11
5 Midnight Control 3:31
6 Little Things 3:08
7 Indigo 3:20
8 El Dorado 3:29
9 Shade 3:39
10 Live Your Life 3:08

Production & Vocal Delivery

The “Midnight Control” always was co-produced by Dirty Heads and Ryan Ogren. As we mentioned above, vocalist Jared Watson said they were “so connected and on the same frequency,” aiding the album’s production. The band also did not disappoint when delivering vocals for the album. They were on a roll, and it was evident from the start of the album until the finish.


Dirty Heads gave fans a taste of the album when they released “Life Is Good” as a follow-up to their massive hit “Vacation.” Watson said, “It just felt right. If you like the vibe of ‘Vacation’ and that song impacted your life in a positive way, ‘Life Is Good’ is the continuation of that feeling. I think the story of enjoying life is really what Dirty Heads are all about.” The entire album sees the band enjoying their life. They vibe to each beat as if nothing else matters with hopes that their audience would do the same. Shout out to them.


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