Tyla Yaweh “Heart Full of Rage 2” Album Review

Heart Full of Rage 2

Tyla Yaweh

  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 04 Aug, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 16
  • ℗ 2023 Epic/London Ent., Inc.

Heart Full of Rage 2, Tyla Yaweh’s eagerly awaited sophomore album, has now been made available through Epic Records and London Entertainment. Today, Tyla also released a documentary that gave insight into the songwriting and recording processes as well as his inspiring upbringing and the development of the new album. Following up on Yaweh’s 2019 breakout debut, Heart Full of Rage, Heart Full of Rage 2 continues the story. Heart Full of Rage 2 raises the bar in every way, featuring a diverse group of intriguing collaborators and delving into all the facets of RAGE (the acronym Yaweh lives by: Release All Good Energy). The album takes a deeper look at the rising star’s influences, fusing his distinctive melodic cadence with rock, emo, pop, and hip-hop beats to create an album that is wholly original to Tyla Yaweh.

Album Cover Art

Tyla Yaweh &Quot;Heart Full Of Rage 2&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 21, 2024 Tyla’s loosely interlocked hands adorned with different ring sizes cover half of his face. The other half exposes his dark long locs, his gold chains and especially his face tattoos that encircle his eyes that boldly spell danger and gloom.

Tracks and Features

The song “Touchdown” is protracted, complex, and incredibly contagious. In fact, Tyla hits us with some incredible melodies throughout this song. The production of “Touchdown” is cheerful and upbeat, making you want to be lying on a beach somewhere. Lyrically, it isn’t really upbeat. Tyla sings in the song about missing his ex, being lonely, and depending on booze on some days to help him through. Think again, all of you who don’t believe that people who live near beaches are always happy. With delightful, Post Malone-esque melodies and production, “SUMMER VIBES” is a smooth banger that perfectly captures the carefree, colorful, and energizing summertime vibe. Lyrically, Tyla talks about making the most of his summer by doing things he finds enjoyable, such as driving at 85 mph and having fun with that one person he thinks is unique. Nothing beats an aggressive alternative hip-hop banger! In “Up In Flames,” Tyla Yaweh informs an unlucky woman that his breakup with her was caused by her falsehoods and general poor behavior. The song has a somewhat peaceful sound despite its angry words. The production is pretty mellow with a good knock to it and a frenetic tempo, while Tyla hits us with comforting vocals. On “Stuck,” the production Tyla Yaweh and Ty Dolla $ign perform over is beautifully crafted, and the words and voice they use are delivered with great attention. Lyrically, the two musicians do a fantastic job of illustrating how love may occasionally be difficult to leave behind. The song “Hips Don’t Lie” is driven by a fast-paced, seductive alternative trap rhythm. Throughout the song, Tyla and Yung Bleu alternate between sounding unflappable and too intense, creating a format that will make your ears feel like they’re riding a rollercoaster. The main issue is how Tyla swagger rips the melody from “Buy You A Drink” by T-Pain for the hook. While “Tommy Lee 2” turns out to be a phoned-in voicemail interlude from the 60-year-old rock star who oddly opens with a line from a 1980s sitcom, Chris Brown’s dismal overtures on “City of Dreams” cause dry heaving rather than breathless love. Yaweh exudes a confident drive all the way through the throbbing concluding tune “New York Ave,” yet HFOR2 feels more like a collection of fleeting moments than a purpose-driven piece of work.


1 Release Ya Spirits 1:53
2 Bad Luck 3:00
3 Up In Flames 2:20
5 Touchdown 2:39
6 Tommy Lee 2 0:47
7 Hips Don’t Lie (feat. Yung Bleu ) 2:57
8 City Of Dreams (feat. Chris Brown ) 2:40
9 Stuck (feat. Ty Dolla $ign ) 2:34
10 Lighters Up (feat. DeJ Loaf ) 2:18
11 Will I See You Again 2:23
12 Wake Up 2:10
13 Rockstar Nights (feat. Toosii ) 2:44
14 1000x 1:39
15 Sea Sick 2:24
16 New York Ave 2:15

Album Theme

Tyla does an excellent job of incorporating emotions that seem genuine and real into each song. He also conveys vulnerability throughout, speaking about the ladies who crushed his heart without any reluctance. Tyla also experiences a few trills.

Production Credits

1993, 9Three, AVB, B. Lewis, Cesar Da Emperor, Chrishan, Danny Wolf, DASPACEBOY, David Arkwright, Evan Joseph, Hector Soundz, Hitmaka, JakeToll, KEYZBABY, Killah B, Kujibeats, Lucien Parker, LukasBL, Makachi Haden, Pitt Tha Kid, Supah Mario, Victor Thell & WizzleGotBeats worked on the album’s production.


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