Larry June “Spaceships on the Blade” Album Review

Spaceships on the Blade

Larry June

    • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    • Date: 19 Aug, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 20
  • ℗ 2022 The Freeminded Records / EMPIRE

Larry Eugene Hendricks III, known simply as Larry June, wades through the world of metaphors and mnemonics with a new compilation dubbed “Spaceships on the Blade” album.

Released on August 19, the body of work is as potent as can be, with a fiery energy that will delight music lovers beyond the orbit of hip hop. Actually, before the release of the project, the songster had shared the cover art on Instagram and asked fans if they were ready for it.

It turned out fans were more than ready, and they have been lapping up the project since. You would find out why soon enough. So just make the decision to join us right now as we navigate the orbit of Larry June’s “Spaceships on the Blade” album.


The artwork of the project shows the songster stooping before the expensive whips, one ash, the other red. His right hand was on his chin as he looked straight ahead (with shades on). The rapper’s future is so bright he had to wear shades. Lol.

On a serious note, one gets the impression of positivism and growth – and the miracle that happens when one refuses to give up on both. Larry June has come a long way, so let him enjoy his “rides” and share his lessons with those who would listen. No qualms.

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The tracklist of the project is pretty heavy at 20 tracks. But that’s not a complaint. Far from it. On the contrary, it bears several hard-hitting numbers that will snap the attention of rap lovers anywhere, anytime.

The compilation begins on a grand note with “From Uncle Herm Pt. 4,” followed by “Private Valet,” “I’m Him,” “Things You Do,” “Don’t Check Me,” “Another Day Pt. 2,” “Tools Of The Game (Interlude),” “Corte Madera, CA,” and “Still Boomin,”

Other tracks include “Brand New Machinery,” “I’ll Make Time,” “For Tonight,” “In My Pockets,” “5.0 Chronicles,” “Breakfast In Monaco,” “Larry’s Diner (Interlude),” “Organic Adjustments,” “Spaceships & Orange Juice,” “Extra Of Um,” and “Appreciate It All.”





1 From Uncle Herm, Pt. 4 (feat. Herm Lewis) Larry June 0:59
2 Private Valet Larry June 2:23
3 I’m Him Larry June 3:04
4 Things You Do Larry June 3:04
5 Don’t Check Me Larry June 2:45
6 Another Day, Pt. 2 Larry June 2:31
7 Tools of the Game (Interlude) [feat. Wallo267] Larry June 1:13
8 Corte Madera, CA Larry June 1:42
9 Still Boomin (feat. 2 Chainz) Larry June 2:42
10 Brand New Machinery (feat. DUCKWRTH) Larry June 2:39
11 I’ll Make Time Larry June 2:48
12 For Tonight (feat. Syd) Larry June 2:56
13 In My Pockets Larry June 2:39
14 5.0 Chronicles (feat. Curren$y) Larry June 3:21
15 Breakfast in Monaco Larry June & The Alchemist 3:10
16 Larry’s Diner Larry June 2:24
17 Organic Adjustments Larry June 2:47
18 Spaceships & Orange Juice Larry June 2:42
19 Extra of Um (feat. Babyface Ray) Larry June 3:33
20 Appreciate it All Larry June 4:09


Guest artists bring aspects of themselves to projects they are co-opted on. Sometimes the experience is charming. At other times, it’s not. But we doubt there’s much to complain about from the guest list on this project.

Babyface Ray, The Alchemist, Syd, Curren$y, DUCKWRTH, 2 Chainz, Wallo267, and Herm Lewis are among those Larry June co-opted on this song, and they did well on it. So there isn’t anything to quarrel with regarding the choice of guests.

Key Songs

In almost every project, listeners are more likely to have affinities with some songs than others. We admit that’s our experience here. Among our favourites from the tracklist are “Still Boomin,” “Breakfast In Monaco,” and “Appreciate It All.”

These three songs bring almost the sum of the human experience to the fore, encapsulating growth and gratitude. They are also latent with didactic messages, which makes them all the more appealing and not sappy. So lap them up and appreciate the good life. You’re welcome.


Larry June wouldn’t be held in the orbit of just a single message. He explores several of them with his album. Life, love, progress, ambition… They’re all stitched somewhere among the songs in the compilation, ensuring there is something for everyone – as long as they would pause and listen.

Summing Up

Larry Eugene is not the oldest rapper on the block, nor is he the most resonant voice. Still, the songster has created a project worth the playtime. This body of work plays for exactly 54 minutes and leaves no room for the drab.

It’s a project to vibe with and tell others about too. You’re welcome to embrace it. Come on!


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