Pierce The Veil “The Jaws of Life” Album Review

The Jaws Of Life

Pierce the Veil

  • Genre: Rock
  • Date: 10 Feb, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2023 Fearless Records, Distributed by Concord.

Pierce The Veil, who have been around for 17 years and released four full-length albums, have little trouble breaking into the mainstream and have a committed following that dates back almost 20 years. As a result, they have the opportunity to truly explore with their sound, which is exactly what they are doing with “The Jaws Of Life,” their fifth full-length album, and it works.

“The Jaws Of Life” essentially features everything a classic Pierce The Veil album would have, including songs that will make you want to shout along and lyrics that are both innovative and emotionally raw. However, what distinguishes this album from the group’s earlier work is its general tone, which is supported by grungier guitars, darker themes, and some of their most technical songwriting to date.

Album Cover Art

Pierce The Veil &Quot;The Jaws Of Life&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 25, 2024

This one is a little tough to decipher as the band goes for something simple yet cryptic. Since the “jaws” of life is what is being considered, then that depiction on the album cover probably illustrates one of the “teeth” pulled out of life’s jaw. It appears sharp and metallic, like something with the ability to pierce and crush, which in many ways, define life on earth.

Tracks and Features

The album’s opening track, “Death of an Executioner,” has a calm introduction that leads into a killer chorus with a catchy melody. It’s a beat that one can mosh to with ease and coolness rather than dancing to. Vic Fuentes, the band’s frontman, is unafraid to put his all over each phrase, adding depth and emotion in a way that only his varied vocal tones can. Never holding back, go high and low, and be loud and silent. whole hog Remove everything.

One of the more recent tracks, “Emergency Contact,” is also included on the project. a song that capitalizes on the punk nostalgia trend without relying solely on it. In “Push Me, Pull Me,” an ode to unequal love, Fuentes delivers smoothly on the song. It’s one of the more relevant cuts since it deals with a struggle that everyone will face at some point in their lives. Numerous factors may have led to this point, including being too young to understand what love is or having experienced trauma and pain in the past that prevented them from committing. Regardless of how they arrived at this point, they now have an anthem to express their frustration at not knowing.

Irrational Fears, a 22-second interlude that mimics the safety speech delivered before boarding a flight, serves as the record’s break. Then it quickly transitions into “Shared Trauma,” one of the album’s gentlest songs, with a muffled voice that captures an all-too-real definition of the title. Every album has a “black sheep,” and this is it. In the opening part of the song, “Shared Trauma,” Fuentes delivers the lyrics and the beats in an auto-tuned style. While talking about sharing anguish and panics, the second half’s tones pick up and go along with the layered vocals, calming the psyche.

The breathtaking acoustic performance “12 Fractures,” which closes the album, brings everyone back to reality by focusing all attention on Fuentes and the guitar that plays along with him throughout the entire recording. It returns music to its fundamental purpose of feeling, expressing, and bringing people of all backgrounds together. The appeal of alternative music lies in that.


1 Death Of An Executioner 4:27
2 Pass The Nirvana 3:17
3 Even When I’m Not With You 2:54
4 Emergency Contact 4:00
5 Flawless Execution 4:00
6 The Jaws Of Life 3:42
7 Damn The Man, Save The Empire 3:57
8 Resilience 3:40
9 Irrational Fears 0:21
10 Shared Trauma 4:12
11 So Far So Fake 3:56
12 12 Fractures (feat. chloe moriondo) 3:01

Album Theme

Every chord performed on every song on this album reflects the values of honesty, love, and support, which will always be the foundation of this band. The Californian band’s album “The Jaws Of Life” features unfiltered emotional expression over nostalgic beats.

Production Credits

Paul Meany solely took care of the album’s production.


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