Ruger “RU The World” Album Review

RU The World


  • Genre: African Dancehall
  • Date: 01 Sep, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 17
  • ℗ 2023 Jonzing World Entertainment Limited under exclusive licence to Promised Land Records Limited

Ruger &Quot;Ru The World&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 20, 2024

On September 1, Ruger, a signee of Jonzing World, released his debut album ‘Ru The World’ after three highly acclaimed EPs in the past two years. Fans are enthusiastic about this project; some have considered his pen game one of the industry’s best.

‘Ru The World’ is a 17-track album by Ruger and features collaborations with Stefflon Don, Projexx, Sauti Sol, Govana, and Jugglerz, with each artist featuring on five different tracks. The album was produced by Kukbeatz, Legendury Beatz, Frankie, Jugglerz, TSB, Thekidparris, Cadenza, and Benjiflow. Kukbeatz, who has previously worked with Ruger on hit songs such as ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Asiwaju’, and ‘Dior’, produced eight of the album’s 17 tracks. The album includes previously released singles such as ‘Asiwaju’ and ‘Red Flags’, as well as ‘Jonzing Boy’ and ‘Bun Bun’, released together as a two-pack between late 2022 and early 2023.

Album Art

Ruger &Quot;Ru The World&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 20, 2024

The Album Art depicts Ruger riding at high speed (as indicated by the destruction of the road sign that bears the album title) with a cheerful lady beside him. They are on a journey through a highway that traverses the corners of the universe, with Earth depicted wearing the notorious eye patch for which Ru is known. The artwork is an artistic representation of Ruger’s adventurous spirit and his willingness to explore new territories.

Tracks And Features

The adventurous spirit of Ruger and his willingness to explore new territories are evident in his music. The listening journey starts with the track “Tour,” where Ruger’s chill and sultry vocals express his focus on making money and being grateful for providing for his family. Next comes “Ashana,” where Ruger’s bad-boy persona takes centre stage.

Ruger transforms into the laid-back guy in “I Want Peace” as he sings about his need for compassion and love from his crush. Most of the lyrics are centred on themes of love and relationship-related problems as Ru tells her that he needs peace amid the difficulties that her anger causes him. The following song, “Blue,” is another standout album track. The song opens with what sounds like a marching band. It is yet another Lover-boy Ruger jam, and as always, he is open about his needs and desires to be loved while encouraging the person he is in love with to return the love and care in kind.

“Addiction” is the fifth song on the album, featuring the incredibly talented Steff London. Steff’s versatility shines through on this track as she effortlessly rides the Afrobeat vibe, making for an impressive, commendable collaboration. In the song, Ru sings about his addiction to his lover and compares him with marijuana, using a subtle pen game twist. Overall, it’s a great song showcasing artists’ skills and creativity.

Sauti Sol features “All My Days” on the track, which is a testament to their desire to have fun for the rest of their lives. The vocalists deliver a prophetic message, indicating their desire to live their lives to the fullest. The album’s title track, “Asiwaju,” has garnered over 200 million streams worldwide since its release in November 2022. The track features braggadocious lyrics and remains a hit to date. Sauti Sol followed up with “Red Flags,” another hit single that has amassed over 40 million streams in the same timeframe. In “Red Flags,” the group encourages people to be observant in relationships and not to ignore potential warning signs.

The song “Likely” features Govana. With Govana, Ruger experiments with some Jamaican sauce. What is an album without something sexy and freaky? This song is about vanity—adoring a woman’s body and using foul language. Ruger has repeatedly shown that he loves women; his concert performances are a prime example. His collaboration with Govana adds a unique flavour to his music, infusing it with the vibrant energy of Jamaican culture. Ruger’s unapologetic exploration of sensuality and desire in “Likely” showcases his ability to push boundaries and create captivating music that resonates with his audience.

The final track of the 17-song album, “Holy Ground,” features Ruger’s contemplation of his human experience and recognition of a higher power. His lyrics express a gospel-like theme, affirming his belief that God loves him. Ruger views music as a struggle and imparts wisdom to his audience, advising them to remain humble and respectful while never losing faith in Christ. He also advocates for financial security, family care, and charitable giving. The track ends peacefully, as Ruger’s message resonates with listeners.


1 Tour Ruger 2:52
2 Ashana Ruger 3:15
3 I Want Peace Ruger 2:39
4 Blue Ruger 3:23
5 Addiction Ruger & Stefflon Don 3:08
6 Kristy Ruger 4:20
7 All My Days Ruger & Sauti Sol 3:49
8 Asiwaju Ruger 3:36
9 Nine Ruger 3:50
10 Likely Ruger & Govana 3:56
11 BoyToy Ruger 3:08
12 Dear Ex Ruger & Jugglerz 2:45
13 Island Girl Ruger & Projexx 3:26
14 Red Flags Ruger 2:55
15 Jonzing Boy Ruger 3:05
16 Bun Bun Ruger & Jugglerz 3:02
17 Holy Ground Ruger 3:32

Album Summary

Get ready to be carried away by the harmonious blend of talent and creativity that Ruger and his illustrious collaborators bring to the table in their latest album, “RU The World.” Whether you are a reggae, dancehall, or contemporary Afrobeat fan, this album promises to offer something that resonates with music lovers of all genres. This remarkable project boasts a stunning collection of 17 tracks, showcasing Ruger’s journey in a musical gem.

Although some of the songs were a bit mediocre, to put it mildly, it does not change the fact that this is a solid project overall. Since his emergence in 2021, the fast-rising star has been dropping hit singles back-to-back while selling out shows inside and outside Africa. Ru is poised to take over the world, but the question remains whether or not the world is ready to receive his sound. The success of this project will be the ultimate litmus test.


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