Ru The World: New Album Incoming As Ruger Unveils Title

The name of Ruger’s debut record has been revealed by Michael Adebayo, better known by his stage name. On Friday, the rising musician announced the album’s name as “Ru The World” through his Instagram account. Taking to his IG, He posted with the caption, “No long talk Album title RTW: (RU THE WORLD).”

Ruger, a 23-year-old Nigerian music sensation, has captured everyone’s attention with his popular bop sounds. However, the writing chasm remains the main distinction between the old generation of performers and the burgeoning new age of Afrobeats, and Ruger is at the fore.

Ruger, whose single “Asiwaju” was a big hit at the close of last year, has two extended plays (EPs) to his credit. “Second Wave” debuted at the beginning of 2022, while “Pandemic” came out in 2021, following his eponymous EP “Ruger” in 2020.

The hit tracks “Bounce,” “Girlfriend,” and “Dior” are also to his credit. The Afrobeat Star received numerous honors, including the AFRIMA Best Newcomer Award in 2021. Additionally, he won the category for best new artist at the 2023 Soundcity MVP Award.

Although Ruger remained reserved regarding the album’s release date, he did share a sneak peek of a brand-new song that will probably be his following hit. He is lauded for his catchy tune, skillful calligraphy, and exceptional range of artistic expression throughout his quick ascent. Ruger has a gift that can be alluring at times.

Being able to accomplish anything nearly perfectly is overwhelming and dramatically boosts confidence, which explains why Ruger is so confident. The charismatic voice, vitality, and general infusion of pidgin English, dancehall patois, and reggae exemplify the modern and impetuous taste of Afro-dancehall.

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