Ty Bello “Heaven Has Come” Album Review


Ty Bello

  • Genre: Contemporary Gospel
  • Date: 17 May, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 20
  • ℗ 2023 Ty Bello Music, under exclusive license to Energize Music

Ty Bello &Quot;Heaven Has Come&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 26, 2024

Toyin Sokefun-Bello, best known by his stage name TY Bello, is a Nigerian singer, composer, photographer, and philanthropist. She was born on January 14, 1978, in Nigeria’s Ogun State. She graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in economics.

As a member of the now-defunct group “Kush,” which stands for Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes, Bello first appeared on the Nigerian music scene, then dabbled in journalism for a while before moving on to photography. She was the Aso-Rock Official Photography during President Goodluck’s tenure. Ty Bello is a part of Nigeria’s Depth of Field Photography group. Her most popular hits are “Greenland,” “Ekundayo,” “This Man,” “Freedom,” and “Funmise.”

Twenty songs make up the “Heaven Has Come” album. Ty Bello’s remarkable talent as a composer and musician is on full display in the album, demonstrating her capacity to produce upbeat and inspirational music. In addition, some of Nigeria’s top gospel music performers, including Dunsin Oyekan, Tope Alabi, Nosa, Greatman Takit, Anendlessocean, Ko’rale, Angeloh, Gaise Baba, Sinmidele, Sunmisola Agbegbi, 121 Selah, Theophilus Sunday, and Johnny Drille from Mavin, are included on the album.

Album Art

Ty Bello &Quot;Heaven Has Come&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 26, 2024

The album art is an Image of an elated Ty Bello, who is donned in Red clothing, with her eyes closed as she smiles and looks at peace in a mental place that appears like the clouds but with beautiful flowers and a welcoming presence.

Tracks And Features

The album opens with “For Life,” which has Anendlessocean, Sinmidele, Gogo Majin, and Greatman Takit on song, and the ensemble sings about the love of God and how nothing can take it away in this quite melodious rendition that makes a tremendous vibey opener and leads into the more spiritual tunes.

“He Fights For Me” sees Ty Bello, Toomi Favored, 121 Selah, and Grace Omosebi as they sing a chant-like tune that asserts that God fights for his beloved as they hold their peace. The very touching spiritual contemporary gospel tune is a war cry that calls on the acts of God while Peace is given in exchange.

“Fill Us” has Ko’rale in the almost danceable tune that asks for the help of God and acknowledges the existence of the Holy Spirit, who acts as a helper of man. Ko’rale’s verse and hook are in the native Igbo dialect and quite evocative in style and sound.

Tope Alabi is featured in “Oh Jesus” and follows the trend of the mixture of english and indigenous dialects in worship. The track seeks Christ’s assistance in knowing the heart of the Father and how the submission and supplications have a simple request of revealing the hand of God. Renowned gospel act Tobe Alabi delivers ethereal lines that hail the power of God in exceeding praises.

Gaise Baba and Angeloh join Ty on “That’s My Name” as they assert that the love God has for humankind will always be in action for those who love and trust God, and as a result, no challenge will and can stand against the one God loves.

Mavin’s Johnny Drille is on “Loved By You” alongside Nosa and Outgun Onkar, tells of the ways God has kept his own even through the darkest days and how he provides a place of refuge for his own simply because they are loved and chosen by him. The melody is enchanting, and the African touch of the worship is very evident as the vocalists breathe life into the track with their distinctive style that all come to a head at the summit with quite pleasing and sonorous rendition.

A track that has Dunsin and Ty Bello is the stuff of legends, as this is pure contemporary worship in play. In “Ire,” the duo magnifies the presence of God and acknowledges his eternal power upon humanity as they pour out their love on their maker.

The Voice Esther Benyeogo is on “Hosanna We Hail You” with Ko’rale, and the smooth track speaks of adoration of the highest and sees the trio chant the Hossanna choruses as they worship God with their vocals and tongues.

The eponymous track  “Heaven Has Come” has Greatman Takit and Theophilus Sunday, and listeners are in for a treat as this album continues to dish out one blessed tune after another. The song speaks of the greatness of God and Heaven. Ever heard tongues on beats? This track is/has everything -even a rap verse.

TY Bello features Ighiwiyisi Jacobs as they join forces to declare the names of God, show and enforce his supremacy over the earth, and how only he can be called “The one true God.” The violin and piano chords make this track such a beautiful one to listen to, and it is only fitting that the listener gets absorbed into the worship experience as the melody and rhythm play on.

This great listening Journey’s 20th and closing track is “Kabeyesi” and features Abey Ojomu. This is a song of surrender to a superior authority, which, in this case, is God. The tones of submission and supplication reverberate through the composition as worship in its purest is displayed. Ty sings her adoration and calls and chants God as “king” in the Yoruba native dialect. This track eases the listener to the gradual climax of the album as the track plays to a fading stop amidst extensive background worshipping.


1 For Life (feat. Anendlessocean, Sinmidele, Gogo Majin & Greatman Takit) 4:15
2 He Fights For Me (feat. Tomi Favored, Grace Omosebi & 121Selah) 6:19
3 Fill Us (feat. Ko’rale) 4:39
4 Oh Jesu (feat. Tope Alabi) 6:26
5 That’s My Name (feat. Angeloh & Gaise Baba) 4:12
6 Closer Than Close (feat. Sunmisola Agbebi & Isi Igenegba) 8:31
7 Loved By You (feat. Johnny Drille, Nosa & Outgun Onkar) 3:34
8 Ire (feat. Dunsin Oyekan) 5:34
9 Come Afresh 4:19
10 Hosanna We Hail You (feat. Esther Benyeogo & Ko’rale) 7:01
11 Torrents (feat. Jo Deep) 5:21
12 Odun Ayo (feat. 121Selah) 2:32
13 Baptize Me (feat. Anendlessocean) 4:25
14 Heaven Has Come (feat. Greatman Takit & Theophilus Sunday) 4:36
15 Shift 3:18
16 Deeper Still (feat. Folabi Nuel, Nosa, 121Selah & Chingtok Ishaku) 6:55
17 My Body (feat. Greatman Takit, Tobi Walker, Ko’rale & 121Selah) 6:25
18 Better Than Time 5:30
19 Because You Are God (feat. Ighiwiyisi Jacobs) 6:23
20 Kabiyesi (feat. Abbey Ojomu) 6:18

Album Summary

Ty Bello is a fantastic musician and composer, and “Heaven Has Come” is a gorgeous and uplifting piece that shows it. Fans of gospel music and others love this song’s stirring messages and soulful style. Ty Bello conjures beautiful visions of this celestial state with her words in “Heaven has Come,” her voice uplifts the listener’s spirit to new heights. This song is an homage to the splendor of paradise. It honors life, the beauty around us, and the promise of the future.


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