Nora Fatehi Biography

Nora Fatehi Basic Information

Stage Name: Nora Fatehi
Real Name: Naura Fathi
Occupation: Dancer, Model, Actress, Singer, Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 6 February 1992 (32) Years Old
Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Marital Status: Single
Education: Westview Centennial Secondary School, Toronto

York University, Toronto

Height: 1.68 m
Net Worth: $5M

Nora Fatehi Biography

Nora Fatehi, a Canadian actress, model, dancer, singer, and producer, was born on February 6, 1992. She is well-known for her work in the Indian film industry. She has had film appearances in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. In the Hindi film Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans, she made her acting debut. By singing item songs in movies like Temper, Baahubali: The Beginning, and Kick 2, she rose to fame in Telugu cinema. She has also appeared in the Malayalam films Double Barrel and Kayamkulam Kochunni.

Fatehi joined Bigg Boss as a wild card contestant in December 2015, while the show was in its ninth season. Up until her eviction in the 12th week, she stayed in the house for three weeks (Day 83). Additionally, in 2016, she competed on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. In the first 24 hours after its release, the song “Dilbar,” which was recreated for the Bollywood film Satyameva Jayate, received 20 million views on YouTube, making it the first Hindi song to achieve such numbers in India.

She agreed to an exclusive artist contract with the record company T-Series in February 2019. She will appear in their upcoming movies, music videos, web series, and web films. She next made an appearance in the 2020 dance movie Street Dancer 3D, her first appearance in a supporting character. Fatehi became the first female African-Arab singer whose song “Dilbar” received one billion views on YouTube on March 6, 2021.

She made an appearance in the film. She will appear in the song Light The Sky for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in October 2022, working alongside musicians RedOne, Manal, Balqees, and Rahma Riad.

Nora Fatehi Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, June 12, 2024


Given that her mother is a third-generation Indian, Nora comes from an Islamic Arabic-Moroccan family with origins in India. The names of Nora’s parents are not undisclosed.

Net Worth

She is reportedly worth $5 million. The actress-cum-singer reportedly makes about Rs 2 crore annually. Nora has contributed significantly to Bollywood, Kannada, and Telugu movies. Nora appears in many music videos as well. She’s been in a lot of albums and music videos.

The cost of a Nora music video is reportedly over Rs 40 lakh ($49K). She gets paid more than many other Punjabi and Bollywood models. Additionally, Nora charges Rs 5 lakh ($6.1K) to promote brands on social media. Nora has collaborated with a large number of Bollywood actors in such a brief period of time.


Nora has starred in various movies and musicals that include Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans, Crazy Cukkad Family, Mr.X, Double Barrel, Baahubali: The Beginning, Sher, Rocky Handsome, Oopiri / Thozha, My Birthday Song, Kayamkulam Kochuni, and a whole lot more.


Nora is reportedly dating actor and professional bodybuilder Varinder Singh Ghuman from India. Ghuman placed second in Mr. Asia in 2009 after winning Mr. India. Ghuman is the first vegetarian professional bodybuilder in the world and is from Gurdaspur, Punjab. 2009 saw Ghuman place second in Mr. Asia and first in Mr. India.

As his brand ambassador, Arnold Schwarzenegger engaged him to promote his health products in Asia. He is the first bodybuilder from India to obtain an IFBB pro card. Ghuman played the lead role in the 2012 Punjabi movie Kabaddi Once Again. With the 2014 release of Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans, he made his Hindi feature debut.

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The Canadian actor and dancer Nora Fatehi’s brother is Omar Fatehi. Omar Fatehi was born into a Moroccan family; his parents’ names and dates of birth are still unknown; however, everyone is aware that he is Nora Fatehi’s younger brother. At the time of his birth, his family was residing in Canada.

Nora Fatehi Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, June 12, 2024


Nora was born in Canada into an Arabian-Moroccan family; her mother is third generation Indian. Her ancestor was an Indian by root.


Are Nora Fatehi and Guru Randhawa dating?

The duo who were rumoured to be dating has seemingly confirmed their relationship with this intimate, steamy post shared by Randhawa on his Instagram account.

Who are Nora Fatehi's parents?

Nora Fatehi’s parents are not known as no information on them has been released.

What religion is Nora Fatehi?

Her religion is Islam. She is a Muslim.

What does Nora Fatehi eat?

She likes to eat oats with banana and honey reportedly. She also likes to consume eggs with egg white.

Can Nora Fatehi speak Hindi?

She speaks Arabic and grew up around the culture, but she tries to speak Hindi.

Can Nora Fatehi really sing?

Yes, she can really sing. Besides her acting and dancing, her singing is another major reason why she’s grown so popular.

How can I contact Nora Fatehi?

By contacting her management or her booking director on this phone number: +91 7878249657.

How can I meet Nora Fatehi?

Nora Fatehi loves her followers and communicates with them via social media.

Did Nora Fatehi dance in Bahubali?

She did. She even suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the set of Baahubali when her top dropped while she was dancing.

Did Nora Fatehi participate in Bigg Boss?

Nora started her career in the industry as a dancer and got an opportunity in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss. Even though she did not win the TV show she is still one of the most popular contestants of all time.

Did Nora Fatehi get married?

No, she has never been married. Although, Nora has said on her social media that she has found her groom and she is going to get married soon. Whether that was sarcasm or fact remains unclear.

Did Nora Fatehi sing Pepeta?

She did. She collaborated with Tanzania’s Rayvanny on the record. The song also happens to be her second international collaboration.

Where does Nora Fatehi live?

Reports have it that she currently resides somewhere in Mumbai.

What type of dance does Nora Fatehi do?

She is a dancer-actor popular for her belly-dancing. She mostly moves her belly and waist. Stunningly enough, she taught herself how to dance from watching videos online and constantly practicing.

What does Nora Fatehi do?

She’s multi-talented. She can dance, sing, act and model perfectly well. She was literally was born for the arts and good thing she discovered her talents early.

Does Nora Fatehi have a child?

No, she doesn’t.

Does Nora Fatehi speak french?

Nora speaks Arabic and French fluently, although English is her first language.

Does Nora Fatehi have a private jet?

There are no reports that suggest that she does. If she does, it hasn’t been made known.

Does Nora Fatehi have Indian roots?

Fatehi belongs to a Moroccan family. She was born and raised in Canada. She has stated in interviews that she considers herself “an Indian at heart.”

Does Nora Fatehi have Indian citizenship?

While Nora Fatehi is known for her hit dance numbers in Bollywood movies, she is a citizen of Canada.

Does Nora Fatehi talk to her parents?

Her parents and their information are not known, let alone Nora’s relationship with them.

How many songs does Nora Fatehi have?

She has over 10 songs which were featured in the various movies she has starred in. She’s also done about two international collaborations with different artists.

How many siblings does Nora Fatehi have?

Nora has just one brother who goes by the name Omar.

Which car does Nora Fatehi drive?

Nora Fatehi pushes a luxurious Mercedes CLA 200, which is her costliest vehicle as of now. Reportedly, Nora received this car as a present in December 2020. It costs Rs. 62 lakh ($75K) and is powered by a 2143 cc engine that generates 188 horsepower and 400 Nm of maximum torque.

What is the meaning of Nora Fatehi?

The Arabic variation of Nora’s name can be spelt ‘Noora’ meaning “light”, and interestingly in 2022, Nora Fatehi is perhaps in the most luminous phase of her career.

How did Nora Fatehi became famous?

Her song Dilbar made her famous in a day when it crossed about 20 million views and created a record. She is also well-known for her electric dance moves and super hot looks.

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