Runtown: Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Child, Tribe & Record Label

Runtown Basic Information

Stage Name: RunTown
Real Name: Douglas Jack Agu
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 19 August 1989 (34) Years Old
Place of Birth: Enugu State, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: In a Relationship
  • St. Augustine’s Seminary, Ezzamgbo.
  • Fashion School of Technology, New York
Net Worth: $1-3 Million

Runtown Biography

Runtown, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

Runtown was born in Enugu on 19 August 1989; however, he spent a portion of his childhood there and in Abuja and Lagos, where he completed his elementary education. His mother worked in the Ministry of Health, and he had to relocate to Abuja with Her when his father passed away. His mother is a former minister of health.

Runtown had aspirations of playing professional basketball as a child. But life had other ideas in store for him. After completing his secondary education in Enugu, Douglas enrolled in St. Augustine’s Seminary in Ezzamgbo. Even though he couldn’t finish his education there, he had other plans for the future. In New York City, he decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Accordingly, he enrolled in the Fashion Management program at the esteemed Fashion School of Technology in New York.

He is an internationally recognized entertainer who started his career as a professional in 2007 after the release of his first single, “Runtown.” Additionally, he has worked with many artists and is renowned for his varied musical mixing skills. Soge produced his debut single in 2007.

Following another transfer of his mum to Lagos, he had to relocate to Lagos alongside Phyno, where the duo began working with musicians, including J-Martins and Timaya, in 2007.

Runtown and Phyno joined forces in 2008 to form Penthauze Music in Lagos. He released the tracks “Party Like It’s 1980” and “Activity Pikin” on the Penthauze record label.


Not much is known about his family, as they do an excellent job of staying under the radar. As a result, it is unknown how many people make up his family and whether he has siblings. Asides from his mother, not much is revealed to the public.


Runtown, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

He was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Agu. Unfortunately, he lost his father at a young age.


Information on their number(if any) and identity isn’t readily available to the general public.


His relationship with Selena Leath has given fruit to a son, Zamar.


Runtown, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

In 2014, he agreed to a deal with Prince Okwudili Umenyiora, CEO of Dilly Motors and owner of the record company Eric-Many Entertainment. The first single from his debut album ‘Ghetto University,’ “Gallardo,” which features Davido’s vocals, was released in 2014.
When the Nigeria Entertainment Awards were held that same year, 2014, Gallardo went on to win “Best Collaboration of the Year.”

Runtown’s ‘Ghetto University’ debut studio album was made available on 23 November 2015 through Eric Many Entertainment and MTN Music Plus. The album brought in over $35 million on the music platform, placing him among the “Top 5 Most Streamed Artists” list.

Runtown was the business buzz at the tail end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. This resulted from his song “Mad Over You” popularity when it was released on 4 November 2016. This song received favorable reviews and peaked at number 38 on the Billboard Twitter list. Runtown said that the beauty of Africa served as the composition’s primary source of inspiration.

Runtown, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

The gifted singer informed his followers that he would soon release a new album. It was to bear the name ‘Soundgod Fest Reloaded.’ In September 2020, one of the album’s songs, “Kini Issue,” was made available. In addition, he released another body of work in 2020 called “Tradition.”

In June 2018, Runtown introduced the We Are New Africa (WANA) charity project. Together with Ifeanyi Nwune and Ugo Mozie, he established WANA. Africans with creative minds are encouraged by WANA to reach beyond their cultural confines through education and inspiration.

Building infrastructure for the underprivileged in local communities is part of an empowerment project that tries to give back to society. Additionally, it will offer educational programs and resources for students, orphans, and physically challenged people.

The “Soundgod” has been nominated for or won many awards since his professional debut in the music scene. These awards include Best Collaboration of the Year ‘’Gallardo’’ Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2014, African Artiste Of The Year at the Ghana Music Awards in 2017, Best Collaboration of the Year at the Soundcity Music MVP Awards in 2017, Viewers Choice at the Soundcity Music MVP Awards 2017, Artiste of the Year Award at the Ghana-Naija Showbiz Awards of 2017 amongst others.

Runtown was embroiled in a few contentious situations, like other Nigerian celebrities. First of all, in 2014, rumors in the media that Runtown was the writer of Davido’s famous song “Aye” (which he allegedly wrote) started to circulate. Runtown debunked the rumors and said that people should listen to Davido’s interviews if they want to know how this song was created when he was questioned regarding it during his interview.

Runtown’s breakup with Eric Manny Entertainment in 2016 was another issue that was tied to him. Without informing the label, he ceased writing songs and doing live shows, which led him to violate his contract. Runtown later disclosed that he left his title due to a breach of his contract, life threats, blackmail, and extortion.


Runtown, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

Runtown and Selena Leath started dating in 2015. They first met in 2015. Model and actress Selena has made appearances in several music videos. They are parents to Zamar, a son.

Previously, Runtown had a committed relationship with the South Sudanese model Adut Akech. The pair, however, broke up due to irreconcilable issues.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Runtown is $2.5 million. Several endorsement contracts worth millions of Naira have been signed by him. He agreed to become the face of Infinix mobile in April 2017. Additionally, he inked an agreement with one of the most significant sportswear companies in the world, Adidas.


Runtown, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

Runtown is known for becoming the first superstar from Nigeria to purchase a 2017 Lamborghini Gallardo costing around N150 million. He also owns an N35 million Mercedes Benz G Wagon, amongst other class automobiles he owns.

Record Label

Runtown, Yours Truly, Artists, March 2, 2024

Runtown’s record label, Soundgod Music Group, was introduced in June 2018. After his contract with the Eric Many Entertainment Record Label expired, he started this outfit. The Soundgod Music Group is a multifaceted music and entertainment firm aimed at revolutionizing the African music industry.

When did Runtown start making music?

He professionally began music in 2007

Which university did Runtown attend?

It is not entirely known, but sources say he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and an unnamed prestigious university in South Africa.

Does Runtown have a child?

Yes, With his current girlfriend Selena, they have a son Zamar.

Does Runtown have a lion?

Yes. He owns a white Cub as a pet

Does Runtown have a private jet?

No he doesnt

Does Runtown own a record label?

Yes, He Founded Soundgod Records

Where does Runtown live?

He has bases in both Nigeria and New york

What is Runtown girlfriend's name

Her name is Selena Leath.

How many albums does Runtown have?

He has released the album ‘Ghetto University,’ ‘Tradition’ EP, and ‘Signs.’

How much is Runtown's net worth?

He is worth an estimated $1-3 million

Is Runtown Ghanaian?

No. He is an Igbo boy from Enugu State, Nigeria

Is Runtown married?

Not yet. But he is in a relationship with a model and video vixen, Selena Leath, and together, they have a son, Zamar.

Is Runtown a Nigerian?

Yes, He is, and he hails from Enugu State.

Is Runtown still singing?

Yes. he recently released his body of work, “Signs,” in 2022

What is Runtown's real name?

Douglas Jack Agu

What is Runtown's net worth?

An estimated $1-3 Million

Runtown is from which state?

He hails from Enugu state.

Runtown comes from what country?


Who is Runtown's mother?

Mrs, Agu is his mother. Much information on her isn’t readily available to the public as she also tries to keep a low profile. She was a worker in Nigeria’s Ministry of Health.

Who manages Runtown?

He currently owns his record label and manages his affairs and music himself

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