David Bowie - Blackstar


David Bowie

  • Genre: Rock
  • Date: 08 Jan, 2016
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 9
  • ℗ 2015, 2016 ISO Records, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

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David Bowie - Blackstar

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1 Blackstar David Bowie 9:59
2 Blackstar David Bowie 9:57
3 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore David Bowie 4:52
4 Lazarus David Bowie 6:22
5 Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) David Bowie 4:40
6 Girl Loves Me David Bowie 4:51
7 Dollar Days David Bowie 4:44
8 I Can't Give Everything Away David Bowie 5:47


  • Look Up Here, I'm in Heaven

    By Nealzebub BBE
    Sublime work by the master of style and music. Deeply moving, particularly on "Lazarus".
  • It’s Bowie

    By fghjccddghbnkk
    So what do you expect it’s a classic
  • “I Can’t Answer Why!"

    By "Grimmbo"
    ..”Now Ain’t That Just Like Me!”..It’s been a month since David Bowie left this plane of existence to (I believe) a much higher one. What did he know and when did he know it and to be able to channel your entire life’s experiences into your last public statement=Puts "Davey Jones” up there with the best of Composers and Creators who poured their life’s blood into their final works!-Within the opening number alone; “Blackstar”, You find David the romantic crooner starting off then merging into David the boastful rocker and back again. (Most telling is in the incredible video, where you see the prone astronaut suit, close up on the happy face symbol, “Major Tom” has dropped the body) I have listened to the entire opus of “Blackstar” for the full 30 days, now I can write this and hope that David Bowie gets a Grammy and all the accolades he so truly deserves….by Grimmbo.
  • 5 stars for Blackstar

    By Red Shoe Dancer
    Yes-this is perfect! Thank you Starman for inspiring me all these years. My art wouldn't be what it is without your influence. I only briefly met you once but you moved me daily. Signed, The Rose in Red Pointe Shoes - the next dance is for you.
  • I miss him!

    By KaykayBVBarmry
    So the day this album was released, I bought the cd and listened to it straight away. Right off the lyrics gave me an uneasy feeling but it was so addicting I couldn't stop listening to and didn't want to stop. I listened to the album on repeat for hours that day trying to figure out what the hell David was talking about (like always). The day he died, I couldn't believe it. I mean he just put out the new album and then BAM! He's gone and the world feels empty and dark. After he died, I finally realized what David was saying through his last album. He was saying goodbye and it took his death for me to realize it. After all of this, I couldn't bring myself to listen to the album. It gave me a certain guilt that I can't explain. However, I am listening to the album after 3 months and I feel nothing but sadness and joy. Sadness because David is no longer here but Joy because of what he left us with. He left us with a legacy that will never die and songs that will never get old no matter how many times you listen to them. I know he was very modest and didn't like to think of himself as a hero but that's exactly what he was. A hero. A person you could count on in a time of need and desperation. He literally made a song for every mood so he could reach out to you. I miss him so much.
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