Boyce Avenue - All We Have Left (Instrumental)

All We Have Left (Instrumental)

Boyce Avenue

  • Genre: Instrumental
  • Date: 18 Jun, 2013
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 13

  • ℗ 2013 3 Peace Records

Cover Artwork

Boyce Avenue - All We Have Left (Instrumental)

Tracklist / Songs






1 Daylight (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 2:08
2 More Things to Say (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 3:59
3 Broken Angel (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 5:21
4 Every Breath (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 4:14
5 Find Me (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 4:37
6 When the Lights Die (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 4:22
7 Change Your Mind (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 3:37
8 Not Enough (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 4:01
9 Hear Me Now (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 4:04
10 Dare to Believe (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 4:51
11 Briane (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 5:17
12 On My Way (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 3:52
13 Tonight (Instrumental) Boyce Avenue 4:26


  • Amazing!

    By RafaelaCarvalho
    I love your voices, but it's amazing to listen to this album and pay more attention to your instrumental arrangements! I'm really glad you put it here, because it's not something artists are used to do. :)
  • Authentic Original MUSIC

    By SpecialK11
    These guys built such a following by being stellar musicians. Doing covers obviously the lyrics are already taken care of, but their musicality and ability to articulate such musical artistry is what has made their covers so incredible. Then the came out with "All We Have Left," a completely original album with 12 meaning-packed songs whose lyrics cut deep and exude a profound emotional connection. Each song has a story behind it. Now this instrumental album strips away the lyrical strength and it's no surprise that what you're left with is again, the adept musicality that drew us all in in the first place. The lyrics direct you to more specific themes and thoughts, but it's interesting how broadly just the music is able to freely emote. Without the lyrics you discover subtle aspects of the music that convey that there's not a wasted measure in the whole album. This is truly great work.
  • Amazing Album

    By Milan 👌
    Amazing album by BA, not only is this instrumental version great but the original album, AWHL ( w/ the lyrics) is awesome too. Great deal, too. 5 dollars for 13 beautifully made songs. Happy 3rd Album Anniversary!! Great Job!
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