2Baba Appreciates The Recognition He Gets As An Afrobeats Legend But Insists “Nobody Owes Him Anything” In The Industry

Innocent Idibia, a seasoned Nigerian singer and songwriter better known by his stage name Tubaba, has claimed that the next generation of artists owes him no debt of gratitude for their success. The singer of the hit song “African Queen” said he appreciates when young people honour him in some way to recognize his legendary status, but it is not required of them to do so. Tubaba believes that each artist’s success results from their hard work, talent, and dedication, and he encourages them to forge their paths in the industry. He hopes the next generation will focus on creating their unique legacies rather than feeling obligated to pay homage to him.

2Baba Appreciates The Recognition He Gets As An Afrobeats Legend But Insists &Quot;Nobody Owes Him Anything&Quot; In The Industry, Yours Truly, News, June 12, 2024

In a recent interview for the Afrobeats podcast, Tubaba shared his thoughts with broadcaster Adesope Olajide, also known as Shopsydoo. During the interview, Tubaba expressed his admiration for the growth and global recognition of Afrobeat’s music. He highlighted the importance of artists staying true to their roots while embracing new sounds and collaborations to expand the genre’s reach further. He said;

“Nobody owes me anything. For me, it is there. It’s never going to go away. It doesn’t reduce who I’m if young artistes don’t recognise my legendary status.

“The only thing is, definitely, I appreciate it when people recognise . There’s nobody that won’t appreciate that. I appreciate when people recognise but I don’t take it too personal when they don’t. That one na the person ignorance.

“Nobody owes person anything because everybody that comes, they are going to tell their own stories. They are not going to start telling my own story. Every artiste that comes up now, even if they get inspiration from me or anybody, they are going to use it to elevate themselves. And that is their own stories .”

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