50 Cent Responds To Young Guru’s Claim That Jay-Z Forewarned Roc-A-Fella About Fif

Even Jay-Z saw that there was fresh blood in town when 50 Cent entered the rap game. New York was teeming with budding artists in the 1990s, many of whom have since earned the titles of “icons” and “legends.” Some of those hit-makers, like Jay-Z and 50 Cent, went on to become some of the largest moguls in the entertainment business.

Young Guru recently discussed that period of Hip-Hop history with My Expert Opinion and related a tale about Hov providing a caution regarding Fif’s entry into the industry. “There’s a point where Jay walks in the studio, and it just so happened that everybody was in the studio,” said Guru.

Continuing, he said, “Jay walked in the studio—he said it before but I’m telling you how impactful it was—he walked in the studio and he was like, ‘Yo, this dude 50, y’all gonna have to deal with him in the next couple months.’ He said it to the whole crew, ‘You have to deal with him.'”

Jay-Z was mindful of Fif’s abilities, particularly those relating to how he was able to create memorable hooks for songs that are now regarded as classics. 50 Cent responded on Instagram after this section of Guru’s interview went viral.

“[Young Guru] I love you n*ggas too, [shrug emoji] ,” wrote Fif. “I just need somebody to compete with. It makes me find a way, Jay know I will always find a way.”

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