9ice Advises Young Musicians: “Don’t Just Be Popular, Make Money”

Nigerian artist 9ice recently said that when he first began his music career, he was popular yet broke. The ‘Gongo Aso’ singer revealed the news in the most recent episode of the Chart with Sims podcast. During the show, he recommended aspiring musicians to focus on making money rather than being popular.

“Don’t become popular o, make money,” he said. I was popular when I first started, but I didn’t have any money.” 9ice went on to say that the money started coming in once he put in the effort.

According to 9ice, the Nigerian music industry has evolved significantly from its previous state. He described how past musicians relied on the Alaba International Market. Back then, there was no Facebook or Instagram, so they had to physically go to other cities and villages to advertise their music.

9ice urged aspiring musicians to publicize their brands and make themselves known. He underlined that being popular is only one aspect of marketing and promoting one’s brand. He recommended musicians to publicize themselves and their music through print interviews in newspapers, magazines, and radio broadcasts.

“Let your face be known,” he urged, “and the money will come later.” With his industry knowledge, 9ice’s guidance might be game-changing for aspiring musicians looking to build a name for themselves and become successful in the industry.

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