Adekunle Gold Embodies Surprise After Encountering An Autonomous Car In San Francisco

Popular Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold, often known as AG Baby, recently saw something he had never seen before in his life, and it got a lot of people talking online. The video of AG Baby that went viral is a prime illustration of how most people are always rendered speechless by what they have just seen.

The “Ogaranya” hitmaker AG Baby, in the video, shows his surprise at seeing a self-driving automobile for the first time outside of Africa. AG Baby lost his home training after witnessing an automobile called Cruise drive itself. As a result, he was caught out with his friends.

When AG Baby noticed this, he reacted by saying, “Walahi, I haven’t seen it before.” They were overheard claiming they would never get into such a vehicle.

Additionally, Cruise is an American manufacturer of fully integrated self-driving automobiles in the San Francisco Bay Area. In other news, less than a month ago, Adekunle Gold had a riveting performance as part of his ‘Tequila Ever After’ music tour in the United States, and Simi and her daughter joined him there.

At a recent concert, Adekunle Gold, who was beaming with joy, invited his wife and their cherished daughter, Deja, to momentarily share the stage with him, which fans at the show found totally adorable.

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