Afenifere Endorses LP Candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, Declares Lagos Yoruba Land

The Labour Party’s Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has received the support of the Pan-Yoruba sociopolitical organization Afenifere for the Nigerian state of Lagos’s governorship race. Supo Shonibare, the group’s head, asked people to cast ballots for Rhodes-Vivour during a news conference in Lagos.

In a state of “morass, brigandage, opportunism, impunity, and prebendary,” he claimed, the LP candidate will bring back the state’s treasured principles and significantly impact Lagos. Also, Shonibare urged local, national, and international observers and voters to keep a close check on security forces’ acts and report any irregularities they may discover on March 11 during the election.

The Afenifere leader also addressed the subject of Lagos being a Yoruba territory, advising Lagos people to disregard the myth that Lagos is being taken over and stating that Lagos is a Yoruba territory rather than a one-man’s land According to Shonibare, Mr. Rhodes-administration Vivour’s would be made up of native Lagosians and would make sure that all ethnic groups and visitors to Lagos were given access to their fundamental rights.

An important step in the contest for the governor of Lagos state is Afenifere’s endorsement of the Labour Party candidate. The group has a sizable following in Lagos state and is one of the most powerful sociopolitical organizations in southwest Nigeria. Its support is probably going to help Rhodes-Vivour in the election, which is anticipated to be hotly contested.

A qualified architect, lawyer, and mediator, Rhodes-Vivour is a member of the prestigious Rhodes-Vivour family of Lagos. He has vowed to bring back Lagos’ core values, which, in his words, are embodied in the Omoluabi ethic of respect for one another, decency, and nobility of spirit. Moreover, he has promised to ensure that all Lagosians have access to necessities like clean water, power, and functional roads.

The candidates of the main political parties, including the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition People’s Democratic Party, are anticipated to engage in a tough electoral battle in Lagos state. The election’s results may significantly impact the political climate in Lagos state and the southwest of Nigeria.

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