AFTERMYFALL Debuts Searingly Brutal Metalcore EP “A Future of Meaningless Tomorrows”

AFTERMYFALL — A Future of Meaningless Tomorrows EP Searingly Brutal Metalcore Tracks Written, Produced, and Performed by Welcome Records’ Newest Signee

AFTERMYFALL paints the darkest corners of his mind with powerful lyricism and soaring shreds of guitar in his EP A Future of Meaningless Tomorrows. Releasing August 26th on Kayzo’s Welcome Records, A Future of Meaningless Tomorrows is the hotly anticipated five-track project from the metalcore producer, singer, and songwriter. Listen to A Future of Meaningless Tomorrows here:

Torrents of blistering percussion and searing guitar riffs fuse together a new sound in the artist’s innovative hybrid between electronic and metal, previously heard on the moody lead single “Adversity (SetMeFree).” Other songs, like “Lockjaw,” capture the complex intensity of AFTERMYFALL’s emotional journey. “All the thoughts of wasted time, wasted energy, wasted opportunity starts to crash on your mind,” he says of the song. “Lockjaw” will feature a video directed by LEViT∆TE (Connor Campbell), inspired by the iconic imagery of the Twin Peaks series as well as director Wes Anderson, the video for “Lockjaw” portrays AFTERMYFALL fighting to break free from the coping mechanisms to create real change but feeling paralyzed. Serving as “the entry to the frontlines of the battle within,” Lockjaw’s music video ushers in the story behind the music, as the multi-talented creative materializes the idea of the battle with the inner self. Speaking about the making of the video, AFTERMYFALL explains that this process “was totally impromptu and DIY. I came across this amazing set online and knew it was the location for the video. Connor was kind enough to lend a hand with the cinematography and creative direction, he really brought this video to life. We knocked out the filming in about 3 hours, and I fully self-edited the video minus the color correction.”  Click to watch the Lockjaw official music video:

This EP resembles the mental tribulations that come with adversity in life and the fight to move forward, AFTERMYFALL shares. The lyrics stemmed from the feeling of “waking up [every day] knowing that It will be the same as the last—filled with depression and anxiety,” he explains, referencing his own experience in his mental health. Digging deep into his fears, he cites the anguish of “having choices ahead but feeling paralyzed in what option to take.” The songs unpack “the war inside yourself to break free from the never-ending loop before it’s too late.”

A Future of Meaningless Tomorrows Tracklisting:

  1. “Adversity (SetMeFree)”
  2. “I’ll Find A Way”
  3. “Lockjaw”
  4. “Your Fire Fades”
  5. “Escape”

-Credits: Performed / Written / Produced by Andy Kutner (AFTERMYFALL)


1. Adversity (SetMeFree)

This is the last time, where are you now, can you feel me, where are you now, can you feel me,
bury me in my sorrow sink your teeth into my skin, here today, gone tomorrow, left on my own again,
I am a helpless fucking soul, I can’t take this anymore, I’m falling to the floor, are you still with me,
adversity set us free

2. I’ll Find A Way

I’ll find a way, let me breathe, don’t push me, I’ll find a way, the weight of the world is crushing my bones,
this isn’t life, you might just suffer the price

3. Lockjaw

Nothing helps like it did before, I threw my head through the fucking door, no consciousness from my friends, I’m falling through with no end,
thoughts bleed through an empty skull, no thoughts of growing old, why must it be this way, shaking in agony, why must it be this way, holding on to past mistakes,
lockjaw please end the pain, I can’t maintain, lockjaw please end the pain, dying in vain, lockjaw please end the pain, wrapped in cyclophane, I can’t maintain,
dying in vain

4. Your Fire Fades

Your fire fades, a perfect storm has crossed our path, drowned in the ocean, hell and back, betray everything, betray everyone, bonded by your oath,
so sick of the lies, you tried to betray me, you’re the one that I despise, how I let you get the best of me, you are poison in my fucking veins,
don’t you ever cross my fucking path, motherfucker don’t you slander my name, and fuck all of your feelings, and all the shit you say, your oath is conflict,
take it to your grave, I’ll watch your fire fade

5. Escape

I always find myself running for home,
Lost In a shadow of doubt, searching for your comfort,
the sickness has drown me, in my misery, no, I won’t be taken,
I’m bleeding out, no, my mind is vacant, without a doubt,
I can’t escape, I cannot make it out, I can’t escape

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