Marisa Abela Sings “From Beginning To End” In Upcoming Amy Winehouse Biopic

The highly anticipated biopic Back to Black, centred around the life of legendary singer Amy Winehouse, is set to feature the talented Marisa Abela in the lead role. In the movie, Abela will showcase her vocal abilities by singing all the songs herself, from beginning to end. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson expressed her admiration for Abela’s dedication, stating that the actress successfully recorded the entire movie, despite feeling nervous, at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. Abela also had the privilege of working with Winehouse’s original band during the recordings, which will surely add an extra layer of authenticity to the soundtrack.

Alongside Abela, Back to Black boasts an impressive cast, including Jack O’Connell as Winehouse’s ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, Eddie Marsan as her father, Mitch, Juliet Cowan as her mother, Janis, and Lesley Manville as her grandmother, Cynthia. Taylor-Johnson confirmed that Abela received voice lessons to prepare for the role and performed all the songs herself, which is a testament to her hard work and dedication to the part. Fans of Amy Winehouse are sure to be excited to see the story of her vibrant years living in London and her meteoric rise to fame brought to life on the big screen by such a talented team.

Taylor-Johnston said,

“When we first talked about it, my first question to [Abela] was, ‘Can you sing?’ And she said, ‘I can’t,’”

“I was thinking, maybe we’ll use Amy’s voice throughout, and we’ll do it that way. She then went off after that audition – irrespective of whether she knew she’d got the part – and started training her voice.”

“Dale [Davis] was there, her bass guitarist, and Ade [Omotayo, singer] and we just all stood there and just went, ‘Fuck!’ She’s incredible, “They didn’t know what to expect. They were just brimming with emotion, because it’s such a multi-layer of feelings for the people who were close to her and worked with her.”

Taylor-Johnston revealed that Marisa Abela left a lasting impression on him during her audition for the upcoming film Back to Black. Unlike other auditionees, Marisa did not dress up as Amy Winehouse. Instead, she chose to be herself without any flashy makeup or clothing. Despite her quiet and sweet demeanour, Marisa stunned everyone when she looked directly into the camera during her audition. Taylor-Johnston emphasized that her performance was exceptional, leaving everyone in awe. Make sure to mark your calendars because Back to Black is set to hit cinemas on April 12.

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