Ari Lennox Contemplates Weed Again; Recalls Being Hospitalized After “Getting Too High” Once

There is no denying that recreational marijuana use can be enjoyable and can even help with the symptoms of some illnesses. It is, of course, evident that not everyone experiences the same favourable outcome. For instance, recently, Ari Lennox disclosed her personal marijuana-related experience, which resulted in her being hospitalized. Recently, the singer-songwriter shared with her Instagram Live audience that she’s thinking of giving marijuana another go. Given her history with the herb, she acknowledged that she had some reservations. However, her major fear is that smoking may turn her to booze again, and she doesn’t want that.

She said,

“I don’t even smoke weed, but y’all honestly, it’s about time I start,”

“No, I ain’t gonna start. My thing is, if I start smoking, is it going to open up the gateway to wanting to drink again?”

Detailing the weed experience and revealing that at some point in the evening, police arrived and whisked her away to a hospital, she explained how things went south almost immediately.

“Years ago,” “I had some weed. I was trying out for American Idol, and I didn’t get it. My cousin was hanging out with his friend, and his friend was like, ‘Try this weed.'” “The room started f*cking spinning,”

“I just kept f*cking disintegrating and I felt like there were f*cking spiders taking over my whole body.”  “They f*cking hooked me up to their goddamn machines… I was just crying and screaming.”

Fans reacted in the comments. Many agreed that Lennox is better off without weed or taking a prescribed dose.

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