Babs Bunny Shares His Opinion On The Anti-Diddy Comments Made By Freddy P & Willie Taylor

Diddy has been facing fire and brimstone since last week in connection with some old clips of MTV’s Making The Band that found their way to the internet. Following the accusations of him “running a musical prison camp,” some former participants on the show went on to share in details their own experiences.

Freddy P pinned the blame on Diddy as one of the major reasons he “hates life”, while Willie Taylor levied accusations on the mogul, claiming that he sets artists up for imminent failure. And while many anti-Diddy persons abound out there, Babs Bunny does not happen to be one of them. The former Making The Band 2 contestant and Queen of the Ring battle rap league founder, had a thing or two to say on the Freddy P and Willie Taylor’s situation during his recent interview with MReckTV.

“A lot of the stuff I can agree with him, but I might say I can’t really relate, “she started. “We all went through the same process. We all had the same contacts. We all was in the same house. We all was on the same stage. And so at the end of the day, we all had the same situation happen as far as when it comes down to business.”

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