Baby Monster Set To Release New Single “Stuck In The Middle”

The K-pop girl group Baby Monster has announced their latest single, ‘Stuck in the Middle’. The announcement was made on New Year’s Eve (December 31) by Yang Hyun-suk, the founder of YG Entertainment, the agency the group is signed to. Baby Monster debuted in November 2023 with their hit single ‘Batter Up’, which currently holds the title for the most viewed K-pop debut music video in 24 hours, beating the previous record held by Aespa. ‘Stuck in the Middle’ is expected to be released on February 1 and has been described by Yang as “not a hip-hop track”.

Speaking on the new track, Yang said,

“It’s so fresh to me that I wonder if YG [Entertainment] has ever released a song like this.” “If I were to share my personal opinion about it, whenever I listen to this song, I close my eyes, it feels like being in a state of zero gravity in outer space.”

“The skills and unique colours of the members’ vocals make me want to focus on even the smallest breath. It makes me focus intensely when listening. I think it’s a song that can be described as ‘beautiful’.”

Yang has revealed that Baby Monster is gearing up to release its first mini-album soon, with a tentative release date of April 1. In addition, Yang provided an update on the status of Ahyeon, a former group member who had to take a hiatus due to health reasons. While Ahyeon is not currently part of the line-up, we wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her back performing with the group.

Yang reiterated in the announcement,

“Aheyon had to stop training for a few months due to health reasons,”

“They had to debut on November 27 as six members. It’s still uncertain when Ahyeon will join, so I will inform you publicly in due course.”

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