Bodycam Footage Of GloRilla Taking Field Sobriety Tests Following DUI Arrest Trends

On Wednesday, GloRilla was arrested for driving under the influence in Georgia. According to reports, an officer pulled her over after making an illegal U-turn at a red light. When the officer approached her car, they noticed the smell of alcohol and marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Recently, the bodycam footage of GloRilla’s arrest has been released online by the police department. The video shows GloRilla talking to an officer through her car window, repeatedly telling her that she’s “cool” when asked how many drinks she had consumed that night. She also asked the officer if she knew who she was, but the officer replied negatively. GloRilla then told the officer that she had a gun registered under her name in the back seat of her car, but it was not mentioned in the police report.

After stepping out of the vehicle, GloRilla inquired about her rights, which pertained to refusing a breathalyzer test. The officer informed her that she had the right to refuse but also pointed out that one of GloRilla’s breasts was exposed, which she then fixed. GloRilla agreed to some field sobriety tests, which she is seen doing in the footage. Although GloRilla appeared to do reasonably well, the officers were unconvinced and ultimately took her into custody. GloRilla has faced criticism from her fans for her behaviour in the aftermath of the arrest. Some people have highlighted the fact that she posted a photo of herself holding a bottle of Taylor Port on Twitter/X, which they felt was inappropriate given that she had just been arrested for drinking and driving. GloRilla has since deleted the post.

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