Brad Paisley Applauds Post Malone For Covering His Song

As it turns out, Post Malone and Brad Paisley are both huge fans of each other!

Through TikTok, the country artist recently expressed his admiration for the “Sunflower” singer in response to Malone’s rendition of Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song),” a song that peaked at number one on the charts in 2002.

Malone, then 27 years old, gave a performance of the country song and a cover of Sturgill Simpson’s “You Can Have the Crown” in March 2021 at a Matthew McConaughey-hosted benefit concert called We’re Texas. To help the victims of the tragic winter storm that struck Texas in February, a virtual concert was arranged.

After sharing the act on his TikTok account last week, Paisley noticed the video, which has already received over 15 million views. He later gushed about the performance by saying, “This is better than me.” Malone responded to the kind statement with a video after being overjoyed by it.

“Brad, there’s no shot, man,” he said in the clip. “I love you so f–––’ much man, thank you for the love, dude. I owe you a beer, man. Text me, I’ll see you soon.” Paisley also modified his TikTok bio to read, “I write songs for Post Malone,” as a way to pay honor to Malone.

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