Post Malone ‘Chemical’ Song Review

Post Malone Delivers a Catchy and Personal Departure with 'Chemical'

Chemical – Single

Post Malone

  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 14 Apr, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 1
  • ℗ 2023 Mercury Records/Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Post Malone 'Chemical' Song Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 20, 2024

The Content

Post Malone has returned with a new pop-oriented single titled “Chemical.” This song, which is the artist’s first release of 2023, features a bright and catchy chorus, in contrast to his usual somber and melancholy compositions. The song’s arrangement is pop-heavy, with acoustic guitars and upbeat percussion propelling it forward.


On the other hand, the lyrics adhere to Post Malone’s typical themes. They tell the tale of a wild, on-again, off-again relationship with which the artist struggles to contend. Lyrics such as “You break me, then I break my rules” and “Every time I’m ready to make a change, you turn around and fuck out all my brains” expose the agony and frustration of attempting to leave a toxic relationship.

Despite the bright orchestration, Post Malone’s lyrics are more consistent with his brand. He is known as an artist who doesn’t shy away from exploring love, sorrow, and addiction in his music. The song “Chemical” is no exception, and Post Malone admirers will find much to relate to in the song’s raw and emotional lyrics.

In The News

The release of “Chemical” follows the release of Post Malone’s single “Cooped Up / Return Of The Mack” in 2022 and his fourth studio album, Twelve Carat Tooth. In a 2022 Billboard cover story, the artist disclosed that he was “trying to rebuild” himself in response to label pressures surrounding his art. He explained that he was attempting to adhere to his artistic vision even if it meant sacrificing commercial success. “I don’t need a No. 1; that no longer matters to me, although it once did,” he said.

A Catchy Summer Hit

“Chemical” is a marked departure from Post Malone’s previous work, and fans of the artist will likely enjoy the change of tempo. The song is a bright, catchy musical offering that demonstrates Post Malone’s range as an artist. It’s an excellent addition to any summer playlist, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit at summer festivals and parties.

Music Video

Post Malone appears alone in various locations in the “Chemical” music video, from the front seat of his car smoking to an unnatural beach in the background. Post Malone performs the song in various locations in a straightforward and uncomplicated visual style. It complements the song’s upbeat and pop-heavy tone and showcases Post Malone’s natural talent as a performer.

A Departure with Familiar Themes

“Chemical” is a strong addition to the discography of Post Malone. This is a departure from his typical design, but it is unmistakably his. The chorus will be stuck in your mind for days on end. In addition, the song’s lyrics adhere to Post Malone’s typical themes of heartbreak and addiction, making it a profoundly personal and emotional offering.

“Chemical” is a wonderful example of Post Malone’s ability to combine emotional honesty with catchy pop hooks, which is what makes him such a unique and compelling artist. It demonstrates that Post Malone remains one of the most thrilling and versatile artists currently active.

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