Chancha Via Ciruito To Release “El Pavo Real” Feat. Meridian Brothers on 9/30

Wonderwheel mainstay Chancha Via Circuito (aka Pedro Canale) introduces his fifth full-length with “El pavo real,” featuring the Meridian Brothers (aka Eblis Álvarez). Cutting his teeth early at Buenos Aires’s legendary ZZK digital cumbia parties, Chancha became known worldwide as the originator of the cumbia-inspired electronic music that takes cues from environmental sounds and South American folkloric traditions.Chancha Via Ciruito To Release &Quot;El Pavo Real&Quot; Feat. Meridian Brothers On 9/30, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

“El pavo real” (or “the peacock” in English) is rooted in the now-familiar chug-chug of a dembow beat, made increasingly complex with the addition of polyrhythmic percussion; the main melodic motif is initially played on a buzzy synth, a sonic prelude to the accompanying strings that join later in the song.

Eblis Álvarez, the academy-trained Colombian singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist of the acclaimed Meridian Brothers, on vocals, is the perfect addition to the song; the collaboration of two of Latin America’s foremost innovative artists places “El pavo real” in rarefied air.

From upcoming album La Estrella (out November 11 on Wonderwheel Recordings)

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