Dee-1 Claims Major Records Deals Have Been Offered To Him In Exchange For “Homosexual Acts”

Dee-1, a well-known rapper from New Orleans, has recently opened up about some of his difficulties in the music industry. In a recent interview with Art of Dialogue, he revealed that he has been offered record deals throughout his career, but always with one condition: he would have to perform a “homosexual act.” Dee-1 explained that he has encountered many “gatekeepers” in hip-hop, individuals who can control an artist’s success and exposure. However, he has consistently refused to compromise his values or artistic integrity, staying true to himself and his principles. He believes it is more important to be loyal to oneself than to give in to business pressures. Dee-1 hopes more artists will follow his lead and challenge the gatekeepers, ultimately creating a more authentic and diverse hip-hop landscape. Despite his challenges, Dee-1 remains committed to his craft and continues to create music that reflects his beliefs and experiences.

Dee said:

“Bro I’ve had gatekeepers in the music industry who have literally tried to hold a record deal behind their back and let me know like, ‘Look, if you a part of this homosexual act that I’m tryna take part in? Yeah, come on! This door’ll open real quick for you.’ I got a song where I’ve talked about that before called ‘The Devil’s Playground.’”

“This is real, dog. And the only way that type of stuff can work on you is if you let them have all the leverage to where you want what’s behind that gate that bad. So that’s a real thing.”

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