Blaqbonez Humorously Deals With A Police Stop-And-Search

Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez got himself entangled with the law and not in a bad light. The rapper was pulled over by a police officer while driving at night in Lagos. This may have happened because of the rapper’s physical appearance and the expensive Benz he was riding in. However, the rapper quickly whipped out his phone to document the experience, which ended up on his Instagram Stories a couple of hours ago.

The footage shows the rapper outside his swanky ride alongside the law enforcement personnel whose face was not revealed. The police officer searched the rapper’s car as he moved to the different areas of the ride, like his bonnet, fuel tank, and tyre rims, where Blaq directed the officer to search in case something was hidden in those areas. It was pretty obvious the policeman in question did not understand sarcasm.

However, the police officer, perturbed that Blaq was taping the scenario, asked him to turn off his camera. The rapper responded that if the police officer was not doing anything incriminating, he should not be scared of getting caught on cam. This has been the pain of successful young Nigerians. When young persons in the country appear how they want and are seen in pricey rides, they automatically become targets in the hands of the people who should protect them. It’s unfortunate. Check out Blaq’s video below, though.

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