DJ Khaled Dropping New Album “God Did” Soon

DJ Khaled appears to be in the process of affirming his faith in God through a new album, or so it seems from a recent post on his verified Instagram page.

In a clip shared on his Instagram page, the songster had announced that he has a new album in the works, dubbed “God Did.” Mere mortals may not have had faith in his person and his abilities, but great pleasure comes from knowing that God was – and still -s –  in his story.

There’s nothing unique about adopting the title “God Did.” Of recent, it has become the mantra of some famous figures, including Lebron James and FANLUV.

“God Did.” The sound of it indicates something proselytizing. Still, because DJ Khaled is not exactly the proselytizing type, it’s hard to tell the thematic leanings of what’s to come, his thirteenth full-length album.

On when the project would be out, the “Every Chance I Get” ace gave no clues except for the laconic “coming soon.” How soon is hard to tell at this point. But then we’re following events keenly and plan to bring the album to you when it drops.

There, you have a reason to keep your eyes peeled. “God Did”!

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