Kanye West Abandoned $8M By Dropping Out Of Coachella Lineup

First of all, what’s a few millions to a billionaire?

Just a week away from the Coachella making its mighty comeback, Kanye West goes and announces he wasn’t interested in headlining the fest. The billionaire rapper had reportedly pulled out from his highly-anticipated performance and according to reports, was going to bring out Travis Scott.

As usual, fans of both Ye and the fest are left wondering why the rap mogul would just unplug from appearing at the festival and at such a time. Some more info coming from sources including Page Six and TMZ  revealed this week that they have had a word with insiders with secret stories.

From what Page Six reports, West was going to receive a whopping sum of $8M for his two performances, including an allotted $500K for production. In addition, TMZ’s sources disclosed that West didn’t even take seriously the fact that he was billed for the fest in the first place.

Also it was alleged that the Grammy Award-winning rapper “hadn’t seriously rehearsed for a performance,” which was a bit off, seeing as most artists would go on for months practicing for their Coachella appearance.

The festival’s production team was apparently “completely caught off guard” when West announced his departure from the lineup.

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