Don Jazzy Responds To Rumors Of Having Four Children And A Married Life

Michael Collins Ajereh, AKA Don Jazzy, a Nigerian business entrepreneur and music producer, has shared the wildest rumors about himself that he has heard on the internet. The talent manager was recently a guest on a podcast with Fisayo Fosudo, where he highlighted his achievements as a music industry icon.

During the conversation, he also discussed how he deals with misleading news about himself on the internet. When questioned about the strangest rumors he’d heard about himself, he revealed that some people believe he secretly married and had children under the radar.

He further emphasized and firmly rejected hearsay that he is unmarried because he is gay or a child groomer, saying, “People are mad!”

It’s worth noting that the 40-year-old stated in 2021 that he was previously married to an American model named Michelle Jackson. He married her when he was 20 years old, but they split two years later because he was too focused on his music. Don Jazzy has learnt to let some things go and to constantly double-check what he sees online about anyone.

Don Jazzy wants to clear up any confusion about his marital and parenting status and put an end to baseless allegations about him by speaking up and putting the record straight.

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