Floyd Mayweather Shares On Relationship With NBA YoungBoy In Podcast

In an interview with The Pivot Podcast, Floyd Mayweather shared some insights about his relationship with NBA YoungBoy. Mayweather expressed how much he values his bond with the rapper, citing their mutual respect and admiration. This isn’t the first time that Mayweather has praised YoungBoy as a father and appreciated his role in his grandchild’s life. The boxing legend’s words speak volumes about the positive and healthy dynamic between the two prominent figures.

‘Me and NBA YoungBoy speak on a regular, speak on the daily. I’m very happy for his career, proud of him. And eventually, he’s gonna grow like anybody that’s young. When I was young, I visualized and seen things a certain way. But as you get older, you look at things totally different. We talk about investments and just growth. Buying land,”

“I’m proud of him — a very, very talented young kid. One of the biggest artists as far as in music. He’s got a cult-like following. I look at him just like one of my sons. I only want the best for him. I don’t want him to have beef with anyone. These kids beefing nowadays and don’t even know what they beefing for. So much talent. See what happens to these young kids, they dying on the regular — Pop Smoke. Just so many young rappers and young entertainers, period. I feel like NBA YoungBoy went away for a while — I like to say went to college for a little bit — but he’s back and I’m proud of him,”

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