French Montana’s “Mac & Cheese 5” Aiming For Top Debut

French Montana released his fifth album, Mac & Cheese 5, last week. The project boasts an amazing feature set. Kanye West, Rick Ross, JID, Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, and many others made cameos. Following the release of his Coke Boys 6 mixtape with DJ Drama in the previous year and his most recent studio album, They Got Amnesia, in 2021, came the project. Here are the album’s first-week sales forecasts. Fans are curious about the project’s performance because Montana took great measures to maximize sales.
In addition to the original edition of his album, French Montana released additional versions of Mac & Cheese 5. Digital streaming services provide alternate versions of the album, including acapella, instrumental, sped-up, and slowed-down versions. An additional version of the album called “Versions” has all of the arrangements. It features an amazing tracklist of 126 tracks, many of which are repeated versions of the same tunes. One more track was added to the album’s deluxe version, which was also released on the same day as the regular release.
It’s partly because of the 44k pure sales that his figures appear so good. Purchases of albums account for that portion rather than streaming. Yet supporters believe they have discovered the reason for its rise. Sales of pre-ordered vinyl copies of the record for under $5 earlier this year shocked fans. Apparently, the stunt worked because he made more money on Mac & Cheese 5 in pure sales than the majority of rap albums in the last few years—even those by well-known artists.

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