Jack Antonoff Hits Out At Kanye West Again On Jimmy Kimmel Live

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 16, the producer and Bleachers frontman, Jack Antonoff, participated in a spoof therapy session with host Kimmel. During the interview, Kimmel asked Antonoff why he works more frequently with female artists, citing his collaborations with Taylor Swift, Lorde, St. Vincent, and Florence + The Machine. In response, Antonoff commented on Kanye West, stating that the rapper needs his “diaper changed.” This is not the first time Antonoff has commented negatively about West, as the two musicians have had a public feud.

He said,

“There’s two people that I think are too oversensitive to even function, and it’s men and members of the music industry,”“The amount of sensitivity – it’s sort of like watching Kanye. And Jimmy, you might like this. Because I know that you have your own relationship with sort of the right and how you interact with them.

“And you’re much closer to how I see these things than other people. I don’t like going to people, ‘You do this! You do this! Blah, blah, blah’. Because that’s what they want, this this type of oversensitive man. “So I just do more of this… If I saw Kanye, I’d run up to him and be like, ‘Your diaper is so full, we have to change your diaper. Your diaper needs to be changed, it’s a huge problem’.”

The producer expressed his indifference towards Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic behaviour and comments. It is unclear whether the producer was referring to a specific incident or West’s behaviour in general. Jack Antonoff, an award-winning musician and producer, had previously expressed his annoyance towards West for releasing his ‘Vultures’ album on the same day as Antonoff’s latest record with his band, Bleachers. Antonoff took to Twitter to call West a “little crybaby bitch.” It is unclear whether Antonoff’s comment was related to West’s anti-Semitic behaviour or a response to Ye’s reaction to the release date clash with his project.

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