Joe Alwyn On Co-Writing Songs With Girlfriend Taylor Swift

For the first time, Joe Alwyn has given details about co-writing songs with Taylor Swift, who happens to be his girlfriend.

Back in 2020, the actor and musician had contributed to the pop singer’s tracks “Betty,” “Exile,” and “Champagne Problems,” using the pseudonym William Bowery.

That same year, Taylor Swift had unmasked the identity of the co-writer. However, Joe failed to address it back then. It’s unclear why he didn’t speak about it at the time. But now he has, and fans are chuffed.

In an interview with Vulture, he noted that what happened was actually an accident. He was singing and messing around on the piano when Taylor Swift asked him to help her finish up. So they sat down and fired up something. He described the outcome as “basic.”

He may have described it that way, but it turned out fans actually did enjoy what the couple put together at the time.

Unlike most couples, Joe and Tayler aren’t particularly noisy about their relationships. They would rather keep their romance away from the public. All the same, the public has noticed them, and many people around the world readily pick their relationship as something to emulate. Can you beat that?

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