Kcee And Oxlade Team Up For Oja-Themed New Single ‘I Pray’

Prepare to be blown away by the latest collaboration between two of Nigeria’s most talented musicians, Kcee and Oxlade. Their brand-new song, “I Pray,” is a captivating masterpiece that showcases the beauty of diversity in the music industry. Through their combined effort, they have brought to life an exciting combination of sounds that will leave you in awe. Kcee, a seasoned veteran in the Nigerian music scene, has proven his ability to adapt to new genres. In “I Pray,” he explores the fascinating world of ojapiano, a subgenre that fuses traditional Oja music with the famous Amapiano sound. Kcee’s previous works, Ojapiano and Ojaginger, were precursors to this latest project, which promises to be a memorable musical journey.

JaySynths, the talented and dependable producer, oversees the song’s production. He brings out the best in any artist he collaborates with, and “I Pray” is no exception. He ensures that the song captures the essence of the Ojapiano wave while sounding original, creating the perfect soundscape for Kcee and Oxlade’s voices to shine. “I Pray” is a lively and infectious tune that perfectly captures the spirit of the Ojapiano movement. Kcee’s captivating delivery and skill at writing memorable hooks are evident in the song, while Oxlade’s sensual and poignant vocals provide the ideal accompaniment. Together, they have created a beautiful duet that will leave you wanting more.


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