Killer Mike Makes Surprise Appearance At Scarface’s Atlanta Concert

Killer Mike, the renowned American rapper, activist, and social justice advocate, is still savouring the moment following his triumphant night at the 2021 Grammy Awards. He took home three awards, nearly sweeping the rap category, and his infectious excitement was palpable. Even an arrest for a backstage assault couldn’t dampen his mood, and he continued celebrating his success long after the show ended. Since then, he has been ubiquitous, appearing on various shows, podcasts, and radio programs.

Most recently, he appeared surprised at fellow rapper Scarface’s concert in Atlanta at the Variety Playhouse. The Texas legend had already pulled out all the stops, headlining with 2 Chainz to a hyped crowd. Shortly after playing a mash-up version of Killer Mike’s song “Motherless,” Mike walked out on stage, sending the audience into a frenzy. He even made playful jokes about his big night at the Grammys, adding to the electric atmosphere.

Killer Mike was recently advocating for fellow rapper Vince Staples’ recent venture into television with The Vince Staples Show. The Netflix program received mostly positive reviews from fans and critics but has yet to be renewed for a second season. Mike took it upon himself to publicly push for the show to be given another chance with a second season, praising its humour and relevance and calling for its renewal. In addition to his music and television appearances, Killer Mike is well-known for his activism and advocacy work. He is about to contribute to an upcoming documentary that advocates against the use of rap lyrics in court, which he believes unfairly targets and criminalizes black artists. Overall, Killer Mike continues to be influential in the music industry and beyond, using his platform to advocate for social justice, equality, and positive change.

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