Kodak Black Admits To Copying Jackboy, but declares He’s The Originator

Kodak Black has appeared to defend himself again from identity theft while dramatically admitting to copying Jackboy in the same breath. After falling out of their once-amicable relationship, Kodak Black and Jackboy have been beefing for over a year. However, even the things they wear now are combat ammo.

Kodak Black recently shared a photo of himself sporting the identical clothing that Jackboy had worn a few days before, seemingly justifying his choice of clothing while also admitting to copying Jackboy’s dress codes.

In a post shared on Instagram, Kodak defended his style with a caption that reads, “How can I not reclaim my style from n****s? When n****s were stealing my style a long time ago.” However, despite this apparent admission, Kodak insists he is the victim in this case of identity theft.

Although Jackboy has yet to reply to Kodak’s shirt-snatching, given how Jackboy has addressed previous confrontations with Kodak, it’s unlikely that anything will come of this confrontation.

Jackboy was signed to Kodak’s Sniper Gang label, and the two were friends for some time. In an unfortunate turn of events, the two parted out in June of last year after exchanging words on social media. Kodak has since accused Jackboy of owing him money and threatened legal action. Last August, the two had a verbal spat on IG Live, and Jackboy believes Kodak should be more pleased with how far he’s come. He even said that his feud with Kodak is phoney and that he isn’t who he claims to be.

It, however, does not feel strange that the rappers are seen wearing identical shirts, given that they are both still signed to the same label.

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