Kanye West States That The “Elimination Of Drake” Has Him And Others Energized

Rap moguls, Drake and Kanye West have a history of intense feuding. Under J Prince’s guidance, he had apparently patched things up with the rapper, but now he’s back to disparaging the megastar. All in all, Ye’s verse on the “Like That” remix got the rap game buzzing this past weekend.

He takes shots at Drizzy and J. Cole in this fresh rendition of the song. Cole has, of course, previously made fun of Kanye, so it seemed like it was about time for him to take a shot. On social media, it also gave rise to several rather amusing memes, but that is of little significance.

All of this was made available at the same time that Kanye West spoke with Justin Laboy in an interview. Ye discussed the “Like That” remix and the inspiration behind it in this interview. He mentions that the first person to contact him about appearing on the remix was Future.

Furthermore, he mentioned that everyone is “energized” as a result of the recent attacks on Drake. The rapper stated more precisely, “Everybody is very, very excited about the elimination of Drake.”

These are some harsh remarks, which indicates that there is currently some intense animosity toward Drake.

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