Kodak Black Drops Electrifying “Shampoo” Single and Music Video”

The Multi-Platinum Rapper Embarks on a New Chapter with His Latest Release

In an exciting development for hip-hop enthusiasts, Kodak Black, the renowned multi-Platinum artist, has launched his latest single and music video titled “Shampoo.” This release is now available through Vulture Love / Capitol Records and marks a fresh phase in Kodak Black’s illustrious career.

“Shampoo” showcases Kodak Black’s unique Broward style, featuring a mesmerizing blend of ethereal synth loops, robust 808 beats, and rapid hi-hats, all crafted by producer DzyOnDaBeat. Kodak’s distinctive flow rides the beat with ease, punctuating the track with the bold proclamation, “I got the sauce—like a condiment.”Kodak Black Drops Electrifying &Quot;Shampoo&Quot; Single And Music Video&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

The music video, directed by MADEINEWYORK, captures Kodak Black’s magnetic presence as he visits a San Diego Padres game, engaging with fans, enjoying moments with his circle, and demonstrating his signature dance moves. This visual narrative complements the track’s vibrant energy and is a testament to Kodak’s charisma and influence.

Following the success of his introspective album “When I Was Dead,” “Shampoo” continues to build on Kodak Black’s legacy. His previous release, “Lemme See,” garnered over 5 million views and critical acclaim, including a nod from Rolling Stone as a must-hear song.Kodak Black Drops Electrifying &Quot;Shampoo&Quot; Single And Music Video&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

Kodak Black remains a dominant force in the music industry, with an impressive average of 28 million monthly Spotify listeners and nearly 25 billion global streams. His journey from the streets to stardom has been marked by critical and commercial success, including numerous Billboard Hot 100 placements and RIAA-certified records.

Beyond his musical achievements, Kodak Black has emerged as a significant cultural figure, blending raw narratives with the depth of a seasoned artist. His work not only entertains but also provides insight into his experiences and aspirations. With “Shampoo” and his ongoing projects, Kodak Black continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop and solidify his status as one of his generation’s most innovative and impactful artists.


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