Lily Allen Is Fired Up! Says She Has 50 Songs Written For New Album

Lily Allen, the acclaimed singer-actor, has recently shared exciting news about her upcoming album. According to Allen, she has written nearly 50 new songs for the highly anticipated project. This revelation came after a fan commented on social media about Allen recording around 40 songs for her fifth project, which was never released. Allen playfully responded that the number of songs written was now even higher, at almost 50.

Allen’s new music was announced after her recent performance with Olivia Rodrigo at Glastonbury 2022. Their duet of “Fuck You” was a hit with fans, and it seems to have reignited Allen’s passion for writing and recording new music. The performance was so inspiring that it reportedly “sparked something” in Allen, which led to her return to the studio.

After a fan inquired about the whereabouts of ‘Party Line’, an unreleased song that Lily Allen performed live in 2018, the singer replied that it was in a Dropbox or a WeTransfer account. However, she cannot recall the username and password to access it. It is currently unclear whether Allen’s recent post on X implies that the song is lost forever or if it will be released in the future once she has recovered it.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Allen has mentioned working on a new album. In 2020, she shared that she had completed work on a new album and was also writing for three musicals. However, the album was never released, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the release of her new music.

According to recent reports, Lily Allen is sure that the Bridget Jones’ Diary musical she wrote a decade ago must happen one day, as the music was too good. Despite its development beginning in 2009 and Allen and Greg Kurstin composing the original music for its planned 2012 debut, the musical’s premiere was delayed, and Allen parted ways with the project in 2014. However, the musical’s premiere is still yet to happen, but with Allen’s firm belief in the music’s quality, it is only a matter of time before it is showcased to the world.

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