Mayorkun Reacts To The Senate’s Explanation For Buying New SUVs

The Senate’s justifications for the legislators’ acquisition of Special Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have prompted a response from singer Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, also known as Mayorkun.

The National Assembly’s decision to buy 360 SUVs for the legislators, valued at N5.7 billion, was blasted by Nigerians last week, contending that those funds could have been utilized for other purposes that serve the masses and nation as a whole.

The governing bodies of the two chambers of the National Assembly agreed to purchase luxury cars for legislators due to their longevity and four-year maintenance, according to Sunday Karimi, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Services, who spoke to journalists that same week in Abuja.

In a conversation with media, Sunday Karimi, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Services, defended the acquisition of the cars by stating that “Nigerian roads are bad.” Karimi further complained about the fact that ministers driving four official cars were being ignored by Nigerians while lawmakers were being targeted.

In a tweet on his verified handle on the X platform, formerly Twitter, Mayorkun urged the politicians to fix roads rather than purchase new SUVs in response to the senator’s statement. Nigerian politicians invent new ways to splurge on themselves with public funds, so most Nigerians aren’t exactly surprised at the new move.

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